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Lord commander, i am Cheat-on, your first ranger. We’ve run into an ambush while searching for our missing lord commander, Bloodraven. We need to finish this fast. We will follow your lead. Every member of the night’s watch can move and attack on the battlefield. First, we shall move. Guide us well! Confirm your order and they will taste our blades. If we are within reach of the enemy, they will counter attack.

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall hack

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I still can’t believe Lord commander Bloodraven is gone. But than the old Gods and the New that we have you to guide us. And you no doubt know the castle, but let me walk you though it again in your new role as the lord commander.
This is the barracks, where you’ll manage your night’s watch recruit. Follow me to the hearth. This is where our heroes rest when not serving the night’s watch.

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The Lodge is where you send out for new recruits. The rookery is where you send out ravens in search of new knowledge for the castle. We need more recruits and we could always use more knowledge so let’s get started. First, we need to follow Bloodraven’s trail before it runs cold.THis will have to wait. THis leads us beyond the wall. Now we have to find Bloodraven and stop these Wildling fools from setting fires across the haunted forest.
Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall wiki
YOur brothers patrol beyond the wall daily. If wildlings roam too closely, they are strongly rebuked. We could use an archer to attack from range. Let’s add him to our squad. Remember that ranged units can give you a significant edge if you learn to use them wisely. When units fight battles, they earn experience levels. The higher the experience level, the more powerful a unit.
Victory also brings rewards. These are spent upgrading gear, tactics cards, and abilities of the night’s watch back at the castle.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
  • Adding traits to a unit allows you to customize it to your battle strategies.
  • You can seek ancient knowledge, and goods, though weirwood forays, but you only get one chance per day.
  • The armory allows you to upgrade the effectiveness of unit gear. Visit it often your edge in combat.
  • We need to send ravens and watch recruiters to collect resources and recruit new blood from across Westeros.
  • Only with enough supplies and fighting men can we stand a chance against the invading Wildlings.

Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall tips
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World map - these are the lands south of the Wall. We can send a watch recruiter to a castle in search of recruits for the Night’s watch.
Rider - strong and agile, they ride into battle with bravery and might.
Champion of winter - his leadership strengthens all of his brothers! The Winterfell rider is stronger under the leadership of the champion of winter!
Different merchants and shops sell items for different currencies. Play every mode to earn all types of currencies.
From the rookery, you can send your ravens to seek new knowledge and items.
Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall tutorial

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When a unit reaches its maximum level, consider retiring it to the wall to earn bonus rewards. When earning a new hero, visit the hearth to unlock and upgrade it.
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