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Gang Wars Game story: i know what you’re thinking, oh how the mighty have fallen. Even if you forget a lot of things every day, you shouldn’t of forgotten this. Whether what you did was right or wrong, you should remember that only the boss has the power to make decisions. You made your choice, now you must pay the price.
Street gangs are storming the Mansion, and we won’t be able to hold them back for long. Our mansion has beceme a disaster. It looks like we’ll have to start over from the beginning.

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By building a garage at the specified location, construction trucks can be mobilized to restore the mansion. There are no connection roads and cars can’t get in. We need to connect the roads ASAP. Boss, the family suffered heavy losses while you were away, but starting today, we can make a comeback. Since the defeat of the family, each city has been divided up by the opposition. We must strengthen our forces and regain the turf as soon as possible. First of all, Mansion construction needs to be strong, and if you follow the mission objective, not only will you get guidance, you can also get some big rewards.

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Please build a cigar factory to get the necessary cigars - a favorite of gangsters and can even be paid as a salary. With houses, you can settle lots of people and increase your prosperity. The family is growing. You need to build an accounting center to keep track of the various expenses. You mean we now need to send cash and cigars to the accounting center to be distributed? Ok. i’ll send a transport right away. Boss, your generosity will attract so many people to our city.
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Unlock a new truck and increase development speed. The mansion is a symbol of strength for the gang. Please upgrade the mansion to make it stronger. Brawler training camp - can train brawlers. These valiant pawns are always placed on the front lines. Underground clinic - wounded can be treated at underground clinics, but they have limited capacity, so upgrade them soon. We need to increase population to boost our gold income. Please upgrade your houses to increase the population.

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