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Gangs of Glory redeem codes

My father, the boss of the Gabriel family, was murdered. My brother Victor killed him to take control of the family. All i can do at the time was to escape abroad. Now i am back. For vengeance and the family’s glory. Adopted by my father, Marie takes care everything for me now. She’s loyal and reliable. I will get back everything i lost from Victor.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Good to see you. Maybe i should call you boss now. I will get used to it soon. A bunch of faithful followers assembled upon your return. They’ve had enough of what the skull gang has done, so we will helo them to take it down.
cheat, Step #2: Interact with your Beauties and produce children. Random date increases a beauty's experience with a chance to produce a child. Beauty EXP can be used to upgrade beauty skills. Raise your children for the development of your family. Beauty's intimacy affects her child's stats which are added to your power. Your beauties can't produce any child if you don't have any empty child slot.
Gangs of Glory code, Step #3: You can marry your children to those of other players to boost your power. Foster your children to max level to make them grow up.
Next step, you have to get familiar with the island. Staten, you know, is no Manhattan. You have to learn everything from the ground up. Your office - there are three basic resources need to be kept under control at all times: cash, supply, and gangster.
Step #4: Items:: cash box n - contains 100k cash. Messing order N - 100k gangster. attribute tome - capo random attributes +1000. Manage bill - contains an extra chance of manage. Recovery medicine - can be used to restore OVE attempts for Abroad stages and boss fight. Challenge letter - required item when revenging other players. Badge case - randomly obtain 1 enhance badge. Gold ring - required item for marriage of rare and noble children.

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