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Gangster Legend cheat world: 20 years ago, my father's iron handed rule made him godfather in liberty city. All gang influence bowed before him. Good times couldn't last. My family was assassinated on my sis's wendding. Kane, our housekeeper, got me to safety. In Sincity, Kane schooled me on the mafia code and how to survive. So one day i can get even and restore the family glory.
20 years later, i'm back in liberty city. The enemy will pay the price! I will become the new godfather. Debra - Kane's adopted daughter and my childhood friend. In the last few years, Deborah has been the closest person to me. We grew up goofing around together.

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Beauties: ITM level decides Heir attributes. ITM level decides beauty skills unlocking. The higher the ITM, the sconer the beaty skills are unlcked. CHA decides how much girl experience is obtained from each random affection or affection. Each random affection uses 1 energy pt. The upper limit of energy is decided by the level. Soldier hire: each op swaps same amount of guns for muscle. Father left you some assets, click Cap upgrade to level up. Capo details - the Capo's strength attributes. Upgrading or enhancing the Capo's aptitude will increase Capo attributes. Influence comes from a Capo's attributes. To enhance influence upgrade the Capo.

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Equipment details - upgrade the Capo equipment rating. Equipment types: weapons, outfits, manuals, tatoos (4 kinds). Upgrading equipment raises its rating. Upgrade equipment levels up Capo. Improving the Capo's equipment level greatly improves his attributes. Upgrade with same kind of items or experience packs. Item upgrade: successful upgrade is available. Equipment experience upgrade: 100% upgrade successful.

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Master, to check out the city, click "go out" to go the level screen. Attribute potion - increase cape random attribute by 1000 points. Bag of banknotes - use to get 100 thousand banknotes. Drop: achievement, store, rechanrge, vip reward, event reward. If you instance progress is among the top 200, you can get generous rewards. Attributes: STR - battle power. INT - the amount of cash from underground exchanges. VIT - the amount of guns from ARMS deal. CHA - the amount of soldiers from Hire soldiers.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: i was so sorry that i failed to protect your fater and sister 20 years ago. I had a little money with some of the other old men of your father. it is a little present for you, i hope it will help you. I've recently learned that Lucas seems to have something to do with your father's assassination, and that controlling the Lucas family's can help us ease our current predicament. First of all, you can take a look at the details in person.

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