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The was has permeated the entire world. This can only end when the gate of chaos is sealed. The goddess must be revived and retrive their power.
I am the remaining goddess' will within you. If you wish to break the seal of the Gate of chaos, you must recover your full strength. I will use my magic to summon you a mount. Chase after the fire dragon.
Get ready, i will awake your slumbering wings. They are the source of Agathos' power.

Welcome to the castle of skies, Paradis - the center of civilization among the Vargundo islands. This was the most prosperous altar man ever build for the goddess. After the fall of goddesses, it became a place for the survivors to thrive and flourish. After all those years the Gate of chaos than connects to the origin of the goddess still stands. And the world that survived form Kronos' destruction is still facing the ordeal.

Gate of Chaos cheats, hack codes

1. S + IZ8wsmJ3 - ember points
2. V + nwdoSvaw - amethyst
3. Enter Q + feSJezcu - gold coins
4. W + Pass 3xobEKTX - monthly pass
5. S + MwoKg4Ev - privilege pass
6. Enter d + 8ZHJ483A - diamonds
7. s + GQYmjulv - gifts: goddess, sacred tree, dragon king
8. W + 2WRnGn0Y - emerald
9. Q + F8rtqgzG - goddess' emblem
10. q + KwRC4jxP - coupon
11. s + sxkm3b3u - secret combiantion

Gate of Chaos controls: character class: berserker, mage, paladin, shadowdancer. Tap to unleash your skill and let the enemy feel its power. Activate ember - tap here to unlock each chapter's ember after completing quests for each chapter. After you activate all 6 embers, unlock the corresponding ultimate skill here. Use cheat code, give ember points to upgrade your ember! Ember points can be obtained through disenchanting monsters essences.
Unable to stack skills of same faeries attribute if activated faerie is 100% while attributes of assist faeries is 50%. You will receive attribute points when you level up. Reasonable arrangement of attribute points will help you become stronger.

Hack Gate of Chaos basics: instance - sombre path: an eerie space that should not exist in reality. The soulless bodies linger here, while Danatus’ sneer echoes. First elimination - the extreme cold feels even lonely as the Goddesses fall. You can only hear the growls of Kalmas the bone drake. King’s trial - proof your strength by facing the castle elites. Can you pass the rigorous test of instructor Havina?
You can get ember skill tome after using cheat code, hack tools or clearing the story instances. Tome - automatically inherits attributes of enhancement, boost and cultivation. Activate ember skills in the ember interface. After equipping the activated skills, tha passive skills will take effect immediately.

Gate of Chaos gift codes, hack, note.

Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. The streamer will play along with you online every day.
  • 2. Mount panel: you can upgrade and advance your mounts here. There are more marvelous mounts to collect.
  • 3. Enter cheats - Draw for gold: random draw gold. The more consecutive logins, the better the reward.
  • 4. Activate the powerful ember ultimate skill. You will have the strength to take on great enemies.
  • 5. Enhance your mount and you will gain more CP. They are your companions in battle, enhancing them will improve CP.
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