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Gears POP cheat world: welcome, puny grunt. The great and fearsome general raam desires a new challenge. To the battlefield. I shall now explain the rules of glorious battle. Pins - play them on the battlefield and they will start attacking your enemies. Deploying pins costs power, a resource that recharges over time. Impossible, wretches destroyed my outpost and seized an Omen. You must capture more Omens thna your opponents to secure victory.

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Some troops can capture cover as they advance up the battlefield. When all pieces of cover in a line are captured, you expand the territory you can play pins into and incur my formidable wrath. Ready your fortifications fo counter attack. Immobile pins are strong, but their health depletes over time. These are the basic rules of battle. Explained simply. As if to a child. Nowshow me what you have learned.

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Despire obviously being a practice battle, you've been awarded a precious new gear pack for your win. Unlock gear pack to find new pins and grow your army. Perhaps enough to secure an honest victory? You can spend crystals to speed up the time it takes to decrypt your gear pack.

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I have added the new clayton Carmine pin to your squad for our next battle. Let us hope it will make your efforts less visibly pathetic. SOme pins are projectiles that can be thrown anywhere on the battlefield. I hope this information is not of immediate use to you.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: some troops can unleash unique skills. You can use them when the orange circle under the troop is fully charged. I see clayton's skill is ready - if you tap on him it will unleash his extra destructive skill. The hammer of dawn is a fearsome weapon, but it will take time to recharge.
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Tutorial Gears POP (wiki): look for resource points in the world map, once collected you will get the resource. Your current squad - the pins that you will take into battle. Collect enough duplicates of pins you own and you will be able to upgrade them.
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