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After centuries of travel, your colony ship has finally arrived at the new world, Apollyon! Mankind can make a new start here if we can tame this world. Exomarines are the Vanguard forces in our quest to survive. The international colonial alliance (ICA) has established a beachhead on the planet below. You are to take a droppod, located on the upper deck, down to the planet and report to Sergeant Major Reiner for further instructions. If you are unsure of yourself, i suggest you get some experience with the simulator on the lower decks.

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Welcome to Apollyon. We just getting established on this planet and it’s up to each exomarine to stake a base out and scout the territory. The Archon industries 960E matter Reintegrator buildGun is your friend out here on the frontier and you will need it for everything. You will use it to dig, build, and even fight if you are desperate. Go get your buildgun from the supply chest cheat code, then reda the instructions on the tablet. There is a marker on your map (press “M”) for this training program that looks like a green “?”. You can also see in the minimap on your HUD.

GearStorm cheats, hack codes

I see you found the supply of build guns. Hope it wasn’t too difficult for you! the build gun is your screwdriver, shovel, hammer, and even axe out here on the frontier. You use it to get resources, build, and you can even fight with it in a pinch at point blank range, if you use the alt-fire to “harvest” your enemies. Use cheat codes or primary fire to build. Hit the gear button next to it in your inventory to customize it to your tastes and play with some of the modes.
I have a simple task for you. Take your new build gun and use it to harvest units of wood. Just shoot a nearby tree with the alt-fire (right mouse button) of the build gun. Your HUD should indicate you are harvesting the wood in info Storm (upper left hand corner).
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Now that you’ve found the wood. Put some in that combustion generator over there in the corner net to the fabricator. That beast is old, but it still does the job like our ancestors used to! That will power the systems up.
The Fabricator is the first tier of mobile font line factories in the exomarines. It can make everything an exomarine needs, weapons, tools, armor, ammo, and upgrades for your armor. Take these materials i just gave you and use that fabricator over there to make yourself a weapon and some ammo. First, make sure the generator has that wood in its inventory then make that weapon and all the ammo you can, it’s dangerous out there.

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