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Free hack Generals art of War cheats code list - speed up, level up, resources, promo ticket, gold, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Generals art of War cheat world: welcome, General! I’m cheat-on, your adviser. We will build an unbeatable Base under your command. We need resources for further development. Let’s start with building a wind turbine, it will provide the base with energy. Let’s speed up construction to save time. Now that we produce our own resources, we need to store them somewhere. Let’s build warehouses.

Generals art of War hack

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General, i found a case with your name on it in the warehouse! I’m sure it contains something important! Please let me show you how to use items. You can always buy powerful upgrades in the store. The equipment from the case fits you perfectly. It will boost you if equipped. The base’s vicinity is teeming with enemies. We need to start building an army. Let’s start by constructing a barracks first.

Generals art of War cheats android, ios hack codes

Generals art of War hack relics
Please visit the barracks. Eager volunteers are craving for battle, but they’re green and unprepared. Give an order to start training them. Volunteers are locally - enlisted soldiers. They are good at protecting themselves from aircraft but are significantly inferior to light armor. They belong to tier 1 infantry. We need to build a research facility to further develop our base.

Generals art of War wiki
Build a tactical operations center - we need it to send units to battle and accept reinforcements. Your hero has reached a new level! Your hero is your warlord, granting many valuable effects. You need to learn the corresponding skills to use them. Doing it requires special skill points that you will receive as your hero progresses through each new level.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Producing resources at your own base isn't the only way to obtain them. There are lots of external resource sources and rich enemy bases beyond its boundaries.
  • Your units have brought back some resources. The accounts of their military campaigns are kept in reports that you can view anytime.
  • Now you're ready to take command into your own hands. If you ever need my help, you'll always find my tips on the left of your screen.

Generals art of War tips
    Tutorial Generals art of War(wiki):
  • Recruit infantry and manufacture military vehicles. Surrounded by enemies, it pays to always be prepared.
  • Work out a strategy to account for the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses. Remember: never underestimate your enemy! Anticipate their actions and predict their plans to always stay ahead of the curve!

Generals art of War tutorial

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