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September the 13th, 2082. Thousands of objects of unknown origin appeared out of nowhere for instance. They hovered over the Earth mysterious and silent. After 7 seconds all the objects exploded.
This is the most serious threat to humanity in all our entire history. Obviously, these uninvited guests are ahead of us technologically. Now they have all the information about our civilization. We must unite, this is the only chance for us.
We are starting a new ara. The era of the great cosmic discoveries. We will track down the aliens and find out their goals.

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We greet members of the first expedition of the minotaur project. Prepare to get the basic safety briefing. You need to reach the end of the explored sector to successfully complete the expedition. You can check your current speed and the total distance of the expedition at the special bar. Next turn - it is known that your ship is equipped with local hyper jumps engines. End the current shift and perform a jump. The navigator has manged to optimize our course. He promises that the calculations are correct. As the expedition leader you are responsible to make decisions about any problem or issue, whatever you encounter during the flight. Your decisions will determine the success or failure of the entire mission.

Genesis Human Destiny cheats, hack codes

Our batteries accumulate additional energy after each performed jump. Fuel, food and oxygen supplies are not endless. However, total self sufficiency of the expedition is guaranteed. All purpose converters will produce any number of necessary resources. The crew is still made up of human beings. Try not to let them die because of hunger or suffocation. Your duty is to supervise the condition of the ship and crew. Unfortunately, bith of them come to direpair, with time. Drones cope perfectly with these operations. Unfortunately, we were able to equip the ship with only two drones. Your everyday choice is to command them to improve the ship strength or the crew health.
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The memory of human beings is imperfect, so if you don;t remember the purpose of any indicator or a button, just tap on it and hold for 2 seconds until on board AI tip appears. Let us remind you of the important function of regulating resources consumption. Each consumption mode has its pros and cons.
We will start our investigations from this part of the galaxy. We explore it sector by sector, in search of the info about the uninvited quests. It makes sense to upgrade ships between missions. Upgrade the ship to increase the chances for the success of the next expeditions.

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