Cheats hack Genshin Impact code:starglitter, primogems, genesis crystals, ore, mora, stardust, stamina, codes Genshin Impact Hack tools game bug android, ios. New hack tools - letter cheat codes: new skin - CPcrppRp8; new partner - SWOmHwyRa; premium character - w5350uhvq

Cheat Genshin Impact hack version 01.12.2020 android, ios code

Hack tools menu
Hack Genshin Impact: cheat List Last Modified: 01.12.2020
mora x1,000,000 - use hack PNi2m7S0n
fine enhancement ore x300 - enter pass XiFzVEvBZ
blessing of the Welkin moon - k0Ri7Sv3B
genesis crystals x5000 - UxkFLnMkr
primogems x10000 - 0cTbAEP6A
starglitter x7000 - Ma5YvkPN2
Month Card x1 code - CyOK7dpYp
upgrade cheat - ffjO8H6Vf
daily gift bag x10 - XCgAzeR2s
secret combination - Zk7IEgyJ6
level up - uyT5Uu9Bt
stardust x7000 - yK3aiOebh
stamina x500 - 8a4PgnlS8
adventure EXP x20000 - iPVr4mjXj
Anemo Sigil x5000 - pMOEVPfJS
anemoculus x20 - 8U6sjI3B5
beginners’ wish x10 - snB1fTrS5
acquaint fate x100 - utLZ9SlCP
reforge store x10 - 3KJu5lN8r
special reward - dBdOpKjKb
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
So...what you're trying to say is that you fell here from another world? But when you wanted to leave and go on to the next world. Your path was blocked by some unknown god?
Outlanders, your journey start here... The God took away my sister. Some kind of seal was cast upon me, and i lost my power. So while we used to travel from world to world, we are now trapped here.
Open the world map. Select an unlocked teleport waypoint to teleport to that location.
Genshin Impact Hack Basics
The path ends here? Guess we'll just have to climb. Climbing depletes stamina, and depleted stamina takes time to recover!
The world level will increase along with your adventure rank, granting you more bountiful treasures from your adventures and from Ley Line Blossoms. But naturally, the opponents you encounter will also grow stronger.
Sometimes you need to complete adventure rank ascension quest to increase the world level. Learn more at the adventurers' guild.
Enter hack tools menu, Absorb elemental orbs and particles to replenish energy. Dealing elemental DMG, defeating enemies, or performing other actions might also generate elemental orbs.
The world is full of all sorts of big opportunities and daunting challenges, as well as small errands. Travelers eager to lend a helping hand to other may come across valuable rewards for their troubles.
Hint & Tips
1. Teleport waypoints - places you can teleport to. The easiest way to get around in Teyvat.
2. Cooking is a key survival skill. Naturally, it must be done with care to obtain the most delicious dishes. But a little dexterity and a keen eye go a long way, too. You may discover some rare recipes during your adventures. Learn to cook new dishes by reading recipes in your inventory.
3. Character increase to level 20 and reach adventure rank 15 to ascend to the next phase.
4. Some characters' elemental skills and burst apply the element in question to themselves. Be mindful of your surrounding when using these attacks, lest they cause an unwanted elemental reaction.
5. Prudent adventurers know to keep an eye on their stamina level.
6. Every 10 wishes is guaranteed to include at least one 4star or higher character.
Genshin Impact Materials & Items
You can read up on an item’s source so you know how to find more of it in the future. Knowledge is power. Enhancement ore hack 8OeAqL7Ac - weapon EXP material. Gives 4000 EXP. A refined ingot with endless.
Mora code pocw1uZMc - it is catalyst of sorts, in that it is a medium for physical transformation. That is why so many things can only be accomplished through the use of Mora.
Adventurer's experience - character EXP material, gives 5000 EXP, cheats - 3HTNiemHy.
Blessing of the Welkin Moon - obtain a total of 300 genesis crystals and 2800 primogems across 30 days.
Genshin Impact Elemental reaction
Even the seemingly inert Geo has its element reaction. When it comes into contract with Hydro, Pyro, Gryo, or electro, Crystallize occurs, producing DMG dealing elemental shards.
If there is water around, opponents may become Wet. Utilize this elemental reaction to gain an advantage over your opponents.
When Cryo meets Hydro, the elemental reaction os frozen. Frozen beings cannot move, make effective use of this fact to conquer the most formidable of opponents with ease.
Electro attack can electrify bodies of water. Electro Charged water deals electro DMG to all beings in the AoE. Electricity intermittently arcs off of electro charged beings, shocking Hydro affected enemies nearby. When electro meets Hydro, electro charged occurs. Electro charged continuously deals electro DMG unti it wears off or use hack tools.
Genshin Impact Weapon hack
New cheat code, Last Modified 01.12.2020
skyward pride - X7NfilDiH;
Wolf's Gravestone - VsBc5gyEf ;
Serpent SPine - HeaYP19DY;
Sacrificial greatsword - mbmbv87fR;
The bell - tpS34oXdJ;
loyal longsword hack - tEsgNoKOf;
royal greatsword - 7IGG92zfu;
blackcliff pole - EiyUPGp0j;
royal grimoire - OA7o4P5DK;
royal bow - f6RRklKko;
mist grass wick - mNdp8lvGp;
iron sting - RdFth1c9h;
prototype crescent - POYbjNLKd;
compound bow - 5o6HH95ef;
prototype aminus codes - I2n1zBC8k;
whiteblind - vXk8w7Ydc;
prototype malice hack - 7Zg1nAJBs;
mappa mare - TVSiEM7oi;
rainslasher - zfo3U2uGc;
skyward harp cheats - Ykeqlz7Bm;
Amos' bow - g9D0F4ptC;
the viridescent hunt - saUNhHCsZ;
Skyward Atlas - dOvlyskFy;
lost praver to the sacred winds weapon - 9MSrglsNq;
wine and song - PDz7bzM6s;
primordial jade winged spear - PDz7bzM6s;
Kunwu's iris rift - FuX9qKUh1;
grudge prototype - eu9K3gCZI;
Skyward blade - LKICqgk8Q;
Aquila favonia - ZvAB8QBv5;
The flute - 3txd6UiZk;
Genshin Impact Artifact
Adventurer's tail feather - opening a chest regenerates 30% max HP over 5s. Traveling Doctor's owl feather - using elemental burst restores 20% HP. Adventurer's pocket watch - opening a chest generates 30% max HP over 5 HP. Adventurer's flower - max HP increased by 1000. Berserker’s Timepiece - When HP is below 70%, critical rate increases by an additional 24%.
Genshin Impact Talents
Foreign Ironwind - perform up to 5 rapid strikes. Charged attack: consumes a certain amount of stamina to unleash 2 rapid sword strikes. Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging enemies along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.
Genshin Impact Weapons
Recurve Bow - base ATK 38, HP 10,2%; Skill: cull the weak - defeating an opponent restores 8% HP.
Traveler's Handy sword - base ATK 40, DEF 6,4%. Skill: journey - each elemental orb or particle collected restores 1% HP.
Otherworldly story - energy recharge 8,5%, base ATK 39. Skill: energy shower - each elemental orb or particle collected restores 1% HP.
Sword of descension - base ATK 39, ATK 7,7%. Hitting enemies with normal and charged attacks grants a 50% chance to deal 200% ATK as DMG in a small AoE. This effect can only occur once every 10 seconds. Additionally, if the traveler equips the sword of descension, their ATK os increased by 66.
Genshin Impact Secrets
Ley line openings that are generated in response to someone's will. Touch the opening and defeat all opponents to reveal a Ley line Blossom. You may spend original resin to receive extravagant treasures.
When you are navigating to a quest objective, you can press the indicator below the mini map to show a path that guides the way.
Hack tools Version
Genshin Impact Redeem gift code
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Hack Release Date03 October 2020
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