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GG City redeem codes

Welcome, mayor! I’m your transit advisor. I know cars and cargo, and it’s high time we get this city rolling. Make a road! Give the homes up top a way to reach the shop down below. Roads connect everything together, and they’re free. Collect a coin. Earn gold coins whenever a car stops to stop at a shop. Only 2 homes is not a party. Let’s invite more citizens. Build more homes! Homes generate cars. More cars, more coins.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Tap empty plots to build new homes. You can also drag from a home to draw them quickly. Build more shops, more places for cars to go, more coins. Try for 1 shop for every 3 homes. Drag the town square out of your storage to place it. Rec areas make homes happier and send more cars on outings.
cheat, Step #2: After unlocking project, you’ll be able to merge buildings together. Merging will increase our density! Tailer homes make more cars, taller shops handle more shoppers. Merging makes homes bigger and better! Tap the tokens left behind to quickly rebuild. Keep unlocking projects for stunning surprises.
GG City code, Step #3: I love outdoor sports! This is our first attraction, and it will surely make our city shine. Unlocks the soccer bonus game! The bonus game will earn you exciting rewards. Also increases happier of nearby homes, and produces gold when visited.
Step #4: Bonus car taps - after unlocking this project, you’ll be able to tap card to grab their coins with a chance of a bonus. Automatic - auto collects gold and projects from buildings, even when you’re not playing. City score - is a celebration of your city’s magnificence. Figure out what boosts it best.

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