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In the world inhabited by humans, two types of aura exist. Blue Aura, which controls intelligence, and Red Aura, which control power. The two types of aura, blue and red, brought forward a new life form, spirits, on the earth. Spirits coexist wiht humans on the earth, and by working together with each other, they created developments and prosperity. But all of a sudden, a new aura appeared on the earth, from the depths. Black aura... This was what humans named the new aura. By absorbing spirit aura, black aura changed spirits into ferocious beasts, savarians. Savariand rampaged wild over the surface of the earth, harming both humans and spirit alike. And from those savarians, a dragon with huge wings appeared, and caused chaos on the earth, such is had never been seen before. The humans on the earth cooperated with the spirits to fight the dragon and the savarians, and, at the cost of so many victims, succeeded in bring peace back to the earth. 100 years since that time, and across the lands, the savarians are starting to become active again. Dark clouds are starting to form over the world...

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