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Hello, i'm cheat-on, the goddess of Arian! Congratulations on becoming the master warden. Since it's your first time exterminating ghosts, I'll quickly go over a few things you'll need to know. Shall we head over to exterminate the ghosts that have appeared in the Arian kingdom? The most basic ability required to exterminate these fleeting ghosts is flight. That's why all hunters have undergone flight training. Try touching the screen and drawing a large circle. You'll see the hunter move along your finger. Now that you know how to fly, let me show you how to exterminate ghosts. A hunter automatically sucks in ghosts that are within linear range.

Ghost Hunter cheats android, ios hack codes

Ghost Hunter –  hack codes

All ghosts possess ghost energy. You can absorb ghost energy when you attack or exterminate a character. Once the indicator shows a set amount of gathered ghost energy, you can use the ghost attack by tapping the button below. I recommend you use it against enemy with high health points. Boss – they are more powerful than the others. They have powerful attacks and are difficult to exterminate because they're resilient to our power. Ultimate potion draws out a hunter's full potential. It casts a powerful attack that eliminates all missiles on the screen and causes significant damage to enemies. Use it in critical situations.

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Ghost Hunter –  cheats secret bug
This is the Arian bamboo forest, it used to be such a beautiful place, but there's no time to cry about it. These things here are ghost spots, areas where enemy appear. Clear one will unlock the next spot. Fuse gear to obtain a more powerful version of the same type. Send a hunter out on an exploration to obtain experience. Increase your defense to reduce the damage received per hit is just as important as increasing your health points. You can earn more gold coins and souls in hard and expert mode. If you need evo gems, go to the soul lab where you can craft them by using souls. Equip ghost cards to increase gear stats. You can equip up to 3 cards. Equipping gear is the easiest way to make your hunter more powerful. If you run into any trouble, always check if you have better gear to equip.

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1. Lg0Z0XqXnm - soul
2. 5RrfzdvjUr - gold
3. RxpSc9JybA – level up
4. WgXiePmjNu – coupon ticket
5. j0cgCafSZI - elexir
6. nrndiaPuLO – evo gems
7. Zz1rqtQcGF - crystals

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