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nit5Yt - gems
8CjLZg - mine slot
WMx6U5 - excavate tiles
R5xaZa - unlock map
y2hk5L - resource
30vZvH - speedup
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Welcome to your glorious new castle! It’s a little less castle and a little more ruins. It’s a good thing you’re here! Good timing too! Some customers are already lining up. We have some old resources to pawn off on them to get you started. Tap on customer’s order to see what they want. Drag the items into the crate to complete the sale and profit. Doing alright i see, but now we need to get mining and find some more stuff to sell.

Giblins Fantasy Builder hack

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Double tap to zoom in or out of an area. Oh, seems we’re in luck, these lazy giblins already dug up some rusty bits in between naps. Swipe your finger on the resources to collect them all. Now for the fun part: tell these little loyal fools what you want next and they’ll dig it up for you. No need to get your hands dirty. Tap anywhere on the mine to view its available resources. And that’s it for now. Come back to collect materials when they are ready. Make sure your mines are always producing something!

Giblins Fantasy Builder cheats, hack codes

If you want to grow your business then you better get digging, so let’s repair the foreman room. Look at these lazy lil’ critters down in their breakroom. Tap and hold a giblin to pick them up. Drag and drop them onto the construction area to start building. Look at him go! Should be ready any second now. Now that we have an active foreman we can start excavating dirt to clear the way for more underground rooms. Tap some dirt to get going. Now drag the tool over the spaces you want to excavate, and then tap the check mark to begin.
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Excavation is fun, but more importantly profitable! You’ll find lots of goodies underground. Be sure to keep your foreman digging at all times. I present to you our glorious quest board! I’t been handed down from generation to generation of great Giblins and, well, i guess you get to use it now. Tap the quest borad again to check it out. From here you can see all your challenges and achievements. This should keep you organized for a while. Progress on those goals and tap on the green arrows to claim those awesome prizes when you’re done. Be sure to check back every day.!

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8 sQKIdG premium pack
9 ZMZ320 legendary gear
10 TPFWDR vip ticket
11 eMDSzP gear pack

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MS7GFe - treasure chest
UCm3t4 - multiplayer
FVqNuH - vip status
Wry172 - star tokens
Hack ZbjiB3 - artifacts
Cheat qY1cAm - evade
Pvm38u - elite ticket
oWT6NI - exchange cheat code

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