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Free hack Ginseng King cheats code list - coupon, pet, money, promo ticket, ingredients, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Ginseng King cheat world: Bankrupt...only thing i have is one ginseng root. With this one ginseng, i have to start from the bottom. First, let’s learn how to farm ginseng. Farming depends in soil, connecting 3 or more nutrients in one direction will transfer nutrients to ginseng. Drag nutrients slowly and see how nutrients switch places along the path. First, look at how nutrients are arranged then start dragging when you see a path!

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Follow along exactly on highlighted section. A year of farming is freely moving nutrients up, down, left, right within timelimit. You need to fill up the nutrient gage within a year to grow to next year. The requirement to grow to next year is shown under the nutrient page so make syre to check it. If you can’t fill the nutrient gage you will harvest it. YOu cane earn money after harvest based on your ginseng’s worth.

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Any excess nutrients will go to next year so more the merries. To give a tip its all about choosing which nutrient and move along which path. If the nutrient gage is not full with one drag you are going to harvest it. Higher the year of ginseng, more expansive it is. I want to get more money and move to a better house. Coincidentally, there are few quests completed. If you complete a quest there will be an exclamation mark on the envelope at upper left corner.

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Instruction: with Ho-Mi, you don’t harvest right away it gives additional turn to farm. Click on Ho-mi to turn on/off auto use. Use it to your own taste. Click on the question mark box to activate random item. You can get an item while farming, but you can pay with money to use it right away. Adopt a pet and upgrade to make farming easier.

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