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fOEasQ - special costume student ticket
W5bth2 - lucky box
ZYsTZs - blue gem
ubC3rb - secret mode code
HZQIPa - luxury bag
uJnM8b - free coupons
3N98v1 - stat point pack
cbFZ5I - secret skin
WI7MnN - fixed bug
XMGHDy - evolve hack
6P9UfM - gift code 2020
Read the message from the HQ! Use the transit line to get the first rewards and repeated rewards. One step at a time, one by one! Mission check the messenger: someone sent you a message! Check the messenger at the bottom. Also, don’t forget to claim your rewards (red gems). Tap on the student preparing for battle. You can make 10 separate teams through team formation. Use textbooks codes - textbooks are used to reset student skills and student upgrade. Tap student details > button on the right of skills.

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Protection fee is used to upgrade the school and you can effects that will help with the battle with school upgrade. If there are no targets to attack within the attack range of the gun equipped in the first slot, the gun equipped in the second slot will be used.
Students will use equipped firearms to fight zombies automatically. You can order a student to use skills to help in battles! Try using skills at the right time! They’ll fight as long as they have enough bullets, and when they run out, they’ll retreat automatically.

Girl's War Z cheats, hack codes

1. kGk5vv - level up
2. snj6CM - voucher
3. CzZyQS - shard
4. a7L4tc - free stat point
5. pEh5K5 - characters

When the advance group runs out of bullets, the backup group can replace the advance group to continue the battle. I’m sure you know that different guns have different shooting ranges. Zombies that are far away can be attacked only with the sniper rifle. Use guns and skills to defeat the zombies and secure the school’s safety. You can get supplies by hacking guns. Supplies are used in vending machines, drone shop, gin renovation, etc. Equip guns according to the studen’t mastery level.
Daily accumulated gameplay reward. The reward action will be activated according to the amount of used energy every day. When there are multiple rewards available, the final reward action will be activated and you can collect all available rewards. Gold reward (jump rope) will increase according to the school level and the field gold acquisition.
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Characters: Willow - a sophomore captain of the shooting team. I’ve been ranked in every shooting contest but i’ve never won a championship. Metal detector cheat g6It7P - we need to search thoroughly with the metal detector if don’t want to miss any gold. Reinforce barricade hack oddJ2R - let’s extend the barricade with items that can be acquired easily. It’ll help the barricade stay strong. Extend barricade dX5u6p - let’s reinforce the barricade with heavy items. It’ll strengthen the barricade.

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1 i52OAg upgrade
2 J6vkKe stat point
3 i3LOmv coupon
4 thxC5a promo code
5 Xt0Jbo gift box
6 3lPxnH gold coins
7 pZSo0H month card
8 KeOKvQ premium pack
9 eSQBxb legendary gear
10 rPqI6i vip ticket
11 09MiEb gear pack

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The following rewards will be available for the official launch. Rewards will be given only once per account. You must clear wave 71 during the designated period to collect the rewards. Cute and unique characters: girls are ready to battle, collect premium grade characters to use powerful buff skills. Z1n3dz - grade s student ticket
4yl8z4 - red gem
KkpTfZ - textbook
Aeytlk - resources
Hack CzaMZk - artifacts
Cheat r9DYKL - growth funds
r9DYKL - elite ticket. NeXGjr - exchange code
Notes: the official facebook page of girl’s war z is finally open! You can check out our official facebook page by going to options>community button in the site. Various events and information will be available via facebook, so please stay tuned! If you have questions regarding the game, please submit an inquiry by going to option> game inquiry and make sure to enter your school nickname in the hive id field. how and where enter
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