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Welcome to the ultimate robot fighting competition! The Rule is simple. In this match, your team (blue) must defeat the enemy team (red). Robots are autonomous, you can’t control them manually. They obey their artificial intelligence (AI). It’s composed of 2 kinds of nodes: conditions (ovals), actions (rectangles). Touch them to reveal their meaning. Bots can only execute one action at a time.

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They check their AI from left to right (counterclockwise actually), searching for the first valid branch. Control playback using bottom buttons. Toch and hold buttons to reveal their function. Let’s see how to program your bot to attack the enemy. THe AI editor - it’s here that you will program your bots. Attack - this is the root node, the starting point of your AI. Bottom - is an action, touch it to discover its meaning.

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For action to be executed, you need to link it to the root node. Your unit is programmed to attack short or medium range enemies. It needs to approach its target first. There’s a bug in this AI: its highest priority (leftmost node) is to move toward the enemy, whatever happens. It means it will never try to attack it. Let’s fix this. Reminder: the AI nodes are NOT executed from left to right, BUT checked from left to right (counterclockwise to be more precise)! Fix AI by shifting the move action to the right.
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Your robot is equipped with a shield (white bar). It absorbs damages before its health (blue bar) is impacted. If your shield doesn’t receive any damage for a time, it will automatically regenerate. Let’s flee from the enemy if your shield is empty. Condition - other nodes can be linked below it. They will then be checked if the condition is valid.

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In domination mode, your mission is to capture and hold bases. Once a base is captured, it will regularly score points. Your bot captures the base as soon as it enters its short range zone. Note that the more bots are capturing a base, the faster they capture it. wfMKVe - supply box
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