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Free hack Gladiator Glory cheats code list - gold, resources, summon hero, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Gladiator Glory cheat world: well, well, well... who's there? New toy in my hands, excellent. I hope,that bunch of clods, i gave for your skin won't be in vain. I have great plans for you, buddy. My treasury has rather improverished recently. SO, i have high hopes for you, slave. Fight for me and earn a profit, or elsei will bury you in the sand and let scorpions and scarabs eat you.

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SHow your talents of being a soldier in the right maner. Or else you will feel very sorry for getting to my ludum. Time will show what could you do in reality. And now you can rest. I'm not that kind of person who wastes words. Investments can't stand vanity.

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YOu have to trane to increase your stats by using stat points. Use the rest of the points to improve stats. Try to experience the blessing of the Gods by scrificing trophies dedicated to them. If the Gods accept sacrifices, the basic attributes will be increased. But if luck turn away, then trophies will be wasted.

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Magic is good, but there is nothing better than the time honored sword. I'd equip you with the appropriate weapon, but it's too much honor. There is only one of two options in the battle: kill or die. Go to armory and take another weapon. Go to the ludum's armory and obtain a totem, that gives you additional power in the fight.

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