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Free hack Global War Empire Rising cheats code list - gold, energy, speed up, promo ticket, silver, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Global War Empire Rising cheat world: war is coming, city is burning, civilization collapsed. New forces rise in ashes. The war is on the verge, you must strengthen the base construction. Base construction requires huge resources. Please build a smelter and a food factory first. Tap the task to quickly jump to the construction site. The enmy attack at any time, build a hospital first for energency needs.

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Commander. we urgently trained a unit to prevent the attack of the rebels. get ready to attack with other rebels to rob resources. We must destroy the enemy troops and protect the base. In the battle against the rebels, the system has automatically cured 1 seriously injured troops. If you lack of items, you can obtain some by killing rebels.

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