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Free hack Glorious Town cheats code list - gold, silver, upgrade x10, promo ticket, legendary weapon, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Glorious Town cheat world: there is a beautiful continent on the other side of the universe all kinds of creatures lived harmoniously under the protection of thestar soul of Nowlin for thousands of years until...The coming of an uninvited quest, Asados. He tried to loot everything of this continent and the gods came out boldly to stop him.

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Asados was too powerful that no one could kill him. The gods made every effort to seal him successfully. Finally, the gods fall in a endless sleep because of exhaustion. You are the only hope, try to activate you blood of god. Youhave to keep Sacred leaf, try to kill all the demons using your power!

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Skills: mind trial - attack a single target within the range of 12 meters and smie the target. Futy storm - deals additional magic attack to all enemies within the chosen casting ara, within a radius of 6 meters. Sacred gospel - bless all teammates within a radius of 12 meters of the casting area: increase points of defence and attack. Grace - resotre HP for all team members within 8 meters of the casting area, adding additional points of HP healing effect of each time. Discipline shield - improve the self healing effect for 39 points. There is a chance that the attacker will get in fear when you're being attack (slience and run about).

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Don't rush the sale of refined gear decomposing is more cost effective. Continuous sign in can get the grab 7 rewards. Sign in will start again as the 1st day if yesterday's sign in was interrupted. Sign in will start again if you completed sign in for 7 days. FOr ligh & dark at 6:30 pm on every wednesday and sunday, camp war is ready.
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Tutorial Glorious Town(wiki): Processing isdivided into forging, sewing, smelt, cooking, pharmacy. Killing none red players of same camp or neutral camp will increase PK point. Collect treasure of Nowlin for rewards at 8 PM on every wednesday. Refining equipment can greatly enhance the basic attribute of gear.
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