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Since the fall of the Empire, the continent has been plagued by endless war. Chaos broke out everywhere as the struggle for power unfolded.
My lord, i’m the mayor of Stonefast town. The rebels have been giving the townspeople a hard time recently. We hope you can dispatch your army to help us suppress the rebels. I’m Cheat-on, your aide. I can provide you with information on your battles. Once deployed, an army will need time to march to the destination. Battle will commence once your army arrives.

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Every hero has an attack range. basic attacks must be within range to take effect. The ene,y’s vanguard is 1 distance away from you now. The enemy’s main force is 2 distance away from you now. You win when the enemy’s main force is reduced to 0 troops. The rebels are still running rampant. Let’s hire more heroes to lead our troops to battle. We must build barracks to draft troops and expand the army!

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Many eager young men have enlisted in the army to join us in suppressing the troublemaking rebels. Recruitment can be completed instantly - use code ZCYuqBdFzp. With your excellent leadership, we’ll defeat those rebels soon enough. Prepare your troops, it’s time to take out their leader! The leader of the rebel forces is stationed a distance away from the city. You’ll have to occupy the neighboring territories to get to him.
The rebels have been removed, and in the support of people, you led the army to embark on the road back to the city.
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The world is in chaos. I have to become stronger, and fast. Select the province in which your territory resides. The 4 provinces in the central region can’t be selected because they are under heavy attack. Jeddah - for a such a small country, has a huge population and rich resources.
Keep developing your army to raise your power. To do this, you can earn rewards by completing missions.
My Lord, tax from your empire is ready for collection. Go to “govern” and earn gold through tax collection. You can use the tax proceeds to hire more heroes.

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Buildings: barracks - allows you to draft troops. Upgrade to increase the number of troops a hero can lead, and unlock other army buildings.
House - generates tax, which you can collect 3 times a day.
Swordsman camp - enables recruitment of river unit: swordsman. Build to increase production, upgrade to reduce drafting time and increase atk and HP.
Sacred ground - increases the amount of Gleucrus stones obtained from transmutation. You can transmute 3 times per day.
Guild hall - we can view the guild’s stats and functions here. Make more donations to raise the guild level and member capacity. Tech details: muster - increases the number of armies you can have.
Glorious Century tutorial

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The Ubar dynasty was destined to fall in the wake of the Sultan’s assassination. Desert, river, meadow, coastal - heroes arise among the four factions. Only the strong will survive. The world await new leadership...To establish a new world order. You must prepare yourself. Glorious Century Activation code:
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