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supply points
When troops encounter the enemy in the shadow, they will stop march immediately and their morale will be damaged. Flexible use of reconnaissance aircraft and radar can effectively avoid this situation. The morale of the units will be damaged after being attacked, and will be greatly damaged when being restrained. Attacking and encircling the enemy can greatly reduce and seriously their morale. When units with airborne regiments parachute near artillery will cause additional damage to the morale of artillery units. Once the morale of unit drops to zero, the unit will be in chaos; it can't move or fight back. After annihilating the enemy, the morale of units will be greatly improved. Units with high morale will have higher combat effectiveness.

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Special forces

All units will recover a small amount of morale every round, while units on buildings can recover more morale. A new battlefield will be opened after achieving specific goals in some levels. As time goes on, the weather in some battlefields will change. Be aware of the negative effects of different kinds of weather.
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