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Initial supply points are set at the beginning of a common campaign, which can be used to recruit all kinds of reinforcements. After selecting a reinforcement unit, the positions that can be recruited and those that cannot temporarily will be marked on the plots. Please carefully choose reinforcements units and the time and places of their reinforcement. This will greatly affect the outcome of the campaign. The air force in the reinforcements can attack the enemy at any position in the battlefield. You can assign an acquired general to your units. But in the campaign mode, generals can only fight in the campaigns of their own side. There are different numbers of general slots in each line. You can assign any generals from the same side to fight. Other geenrals need to be selected from the designated generals of the line. The maximum number of troops varies according to the type of units. But assigning any general can increase the maximum limit by 1.

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Special forces

Special forces are divided into forces that can be assigned indefinitely and forces that can be assigned only once in the current campaign. The number of special forces that can be assigned in a campaign is limited. An additional special force can be assigned every three rounds. You can spend economy points to assign a special force to your unit. The unit will gain an increase in attributes and characteristics. Infantry units with airborne regiments can start from the airport and parachute directly to other plots, but cannot parachute around enemy air defense regiments. Infantry units with engineering regiments can build fortifications, and each type of fortification has its own use. Special foces have their own HP which can't be supplied. When destroyed, all the effects will disappear.
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