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The flow of magical energy in the mainland has led to infinite wars among various ethnic groups. Legend has it that you can lead the heroes of all camps and calm down the war. You are here at last! According to the divine prophecy, you can certainly save the mainland and restore peace and glory! Explore the truth of this world, you need the help of the heroes, go and summon them now! Click on tavern to recruit heroes or use cheats codes. Summon is divided into common and heroic. Recruitment is free once very 24 hours. Congratulations, you got the hero, it will be great help on your way to battle.

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Take your new hero to the war! Click the mark button in the lower left corner. This is the world map of our war continent. Let’s go to the Suburban forest to meet our challenge now. Click your hero to fight. The hero formation is divided into two rows, the left2 positions represent the front row, and the rear 4 positions represent the rear row. In the follow up battle, you can reasonably arrange the front and rear positions. All heroes have their own camp. Camp restraint will cause additional 30% damage and increase 15% hits. When six characters are on the array, the bonus effect of camp combination will be triggered additionally. The hero gain energy every time he attack or is attacked.

Glory Heroes cheats, hack codes

1. YX10hT - level up
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Level upgrade will unlock some game functions at the same time. In the battle we have obtained the hero fragments. All resources obtained in the game will be displayed in the backpack, including hero fragments. Click the fragment tab to view the hero fragment obtained currently. The two numbers of the fragment icon represent the number you need and the amount you need to synthesize. All characters will be shown in the hero backpack. Upgrade can greatly enhance the strength of the hero. After wearing the equipment, the hero’s combat power is improved.
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Your soldiers have been fighting. You can get rewards every once in a while. Hang up rewards can accumulate up to 24 hours in a single time, pay attention to receive rewards in time. At the same time, remember to get the daily check in reward (you can get 5 stars of heroes after receiving 30 days). Use the diamonds you have hacked or signed in to go to the market to buy discount items. Quickly get a lot of hanging experience and props through quick battle.

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