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You finally come. From now on i'll help you restore the glory of the kingdom and wish you prosperity. Food is indispensable for developing and constructing territories, so we need to construct a farm to produce food first. Once farm is constructed, just wait for it to produce food and click farm to harvest it or use cheat code, hack tools. Train soldiers and improve power.
Once soldiers finish training, we need to reorganize them into the camp and lead them to eliminate Barbarians on the battlefield. Challenging Barbarian grants loots. Soldiers will only get wounded in the battle and will be sent to clinic.

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hack Glory Revival Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): We need to continue to strengthen our territory in the future to protect our people.

cheat Step #2: Use leaderboard: alliance, personal kill, alliance, personal power, alien door, hero power. Leaderboard ranking is refreshed every other hour.
You can choose your ability path in talent panel to assign talent points

code Step #3: Unlock heroes: Warrior - Arthur, Seth, Sparda; Priest - Freya, Via; Mage - Eva, Eve; Assassin - Feather Cutter, Shadow.

Glory Revival Step #4: there are various resource nodes distributed throughout the world, which produce resource used for territory development. Send out troops to occupy resource nodes to earn unsafe resource periodically. The yield of each resource node is limited. Once the collection of sending troops reaches the requirement of resource nodes, the yield of resource will be maximum.

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  • 1. Enter cheat - #saABVtTlb :if wall is breached, traps will lose its attack ability, but is no longer attackable.
  • 2. Hack list: reduce the marching duration of a troop by 50% - #H9rkxuSs7 vip 12 status - #oKjvFCayd unlock collection - #sgr8ZA1dU resource node collected when troop is sent out to occupy it - #rGVSgR8iT Resource can be collected efficiently at intervals when having sufficient digging ability cheats - #SJP7Z5MK6 bravery chest - #yZ8ZE6Q60 champion chest - #328RUUHfz hero star shard (legendary) - #PEVWQqSWf get item value at 1500 - #DObJYa7hn
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