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Swordman – owns outstanding vitality and gorgeous swordsmanship. Usually serves as a vanguard. Mage – the class fighting against enemies with powerful magic. Perfect for ranged combat. Archer – uses arrows and bows to attack enemies, able to summon creatures to assist combat. You were once a hero challenging demons, in an accident your soul was smashed by fire dragon king. However, archangel saved you. Since your soul was smashed, you've lost all your abilities and memory. Archangel Could only manage to rebuild your body. The life on Gloryland was once safe and cozy, while now evil creatures are all around outside of the town. Thank goodness there are heroes like you keep fightning against them.

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You should find the monsters have set the defense facilities on fire on your way here. Hutty off the riverm fetch water and put out the fire! Don't let it spread to the town. While fighting against evil creatures, you must keep enhancing your equipments to become stronger. The most basic materials for equipment enhancement are gems. Gems are dropped by some higher-level evil creatures. You can also get them from various event and quests rewards. There should be some stock in gloryland's warehouse. Go visit warehouse keeper Seifert. Once you get the gems he will tell you how to enhance. Collect as many enhancing gems as possible to enhance your equipments.

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Refining gem – essential materials for refining equipment. Challenge story instances and evil jail to get: obtain extra attributes bonus of the equipment. The more times it's refined, the more attributes bonus it gains every time. Refinement attributes bonus of th equipment can be transferred to another equipment at the same position through equipment inheritance. You can search players' name accurately via searching. You can add searched player to your friend/rival/block list.

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6. MjGHHCmIf1 - crystals

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