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Goblin Slayer & the Dark Sword Cheats
Elegant Rose - use hack #0ChuKJ5nc
White Chamer - enter pass #eGPGSA3kx
Sporty Girl - #qYbVQeySA
Evening Dress - #LvZwEv2fE
Armor Pack - #thnvq3Pok
Princess's Maid - #O9i8p56XL
1 Month Card code - #mJOAjPjzq
upgrade cheat - #N989wcv7r
booster - #sKpztPRRe
1000 gems - #toPwPZLPU
secret combination - #OFMCdITxl
level up - #PK0ZShO4K
drop x10 - #7iy3xgo3t
100000 gold coins - #Penyy1UA7
special reward - #HSkOW95Lp
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Goblin Slayer & the Dark Sword Story
Finally, you came, adventurer. I am looking forward to your arrival to rid of the evil one. I am the sword that receives the power of darkness to defeat the enemy. This is my initial look. You seem to be confused, let me help you, first of all, let me teach you how to fight in this world.
Hack Basics
The method is not difficult, you just press tap to slash the enemy, what difficulty is the many different upgrades. Next, we'll teach you about upgrades, so that you will be strong enough to fight against the evil monsters. And you can also develop many new abilities to surpass limits of ability to get even better.
The first thing to introduce is me, dark sword, who has acquired some mysterious power, which allows me to develop my form and ability. And with this power, i have the ability to attack, defend and heal myself.
Hint & Tips
1. Let me tell you a secret, if you can upgrade dark sword's ATK and DEF to the highest level, at that range, you will unlock dark sword's hidden powers and gain new abilities.
2. In addition to getting new abilities, you can also get skills for attacking from the "atk" sword.
3. By using the power of darkness to summon various demons, monsters, dragons, and others to enforfe the attacks to be more powerful and aggressive. And there's another secret, if you get the same ability, it increases the strengthen of that ability even more. For example, if you have an ability at level 1, getting that ability will make it upgrade to level 2. This means that the more ability you unlock, the more powerful you will be, slash more forcefully, become more invincible.
But relying solely on a sword is not easy to fight monsters. The sword and the body must work together for the best result. Each piece of equipment you are hearing is extraordinary. It is hidden with magic power that will make you stronger. But time was weakened its power, if you want it to return to its original power, a certain amount of money is needed. Each piece of equipment enhances different abilities such as strength, defense, life force, even fortune.
Empowering these devices is significant, the more abilities you have, the more potential energy you can draw from the sword.
Armor cheat code: moreover, unlocking the armor is another way to make the character stronger in harmony with the sword. It also add beauty to the characters making it exciting to own a new armor, to surpass the limit even more. Most of armors developed by researchers from the mage tower. But some of them belong to the legendary level that have been discovered from the archaeological site or Goblin Slayer & the Dark Sword hack tools menu. Although some of them do not seem like a strong armor due to the tastes of each creator, they are filled with tremendous hidden potentials.
Armor sets increase the wearer's abilities, and if you already have that ability, it increases the level of that ability even further.
Patch Version
Goblin Slayer & the Dark Sword Redeem gift code
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Hack Release Date17 September 2020
Last Modified17 September 2020
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