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New accessory A and B items have been added! You can equip these by going to loadout in the terminal. Mission orders - here you can accept new missions. You can also filter the mission list by selecting the mission type and rank. Mission members - here you can choose which allies will accompany you on the mission. et an ally into an empty slot to have them join you on your mission.

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Once you accept a mission, you can talk to the guard to head out. Deploys a shield while leaping forward. You’ll dive toward an Aragami when locked on. You can climb up while handing. You recover stamina when standing or walking. God Arcs can switch between melee and gun forms. Money received as reward for completing the mission.

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Terminal - here you can change equipment, manage consumables, and view the database. You can also save your game. Equip - here you can edit equipment such as God arc parts, bullets, and clothing. You can also save equipment sets, which allows you to easily reequip them. Burst plugin - you can view a list of the plugins and skills installed in your God arc. You can also view hack information about cheats effects and which equipment has skills. For more information on burst plugins, codes, and skills, refer to the system terms section in the database.
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Tap upgrade to spend the required number of silver coins and upgrade your weapon. Accuracy - improve ergonomics to increase hip-fire accuracy and reduce sway when aiming down the sight. Critical hit chance - currently at 5%. Upgrade accuracy to level 5 to increase this to 15$.

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  • Charge spears are known for their reach and mobility. Charge glide lets a God eater quickly close distance with their enemies.
  • You can bring up to twelve types of consumables with you on a mission. bringing the right items will give you an advantage in battle.
  • You can choose either "by aragami" or "by part" when selecting lock on target switch settings in the options menu.
  • The Ashlands are a calamity that turn everything they touch into ash. A norma; human will die in under ten minutes in low density ash.
  • Tower shields provide massive defense and reduce all damage while guarding. However, they are the slowest shield to deploy.
  • Use the AP your allies gain through missions to have them learn personal abilities.

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You can save your favorite equipment loadouts as equipment sets.
Heavy moons are acclaimed for their ease of use and the diversity of their attacks. The serrated blade of Raging moon is lethal.
While bursted, a God eater is imbued with dramatically increased offensive and defensive abilities, and gains the ability to jump in midair.
A successful charge devour, quick , and air devour will increase your burst gauge and earn you link burst rounds on a hit.
Ray Guns are the only guns that let you store massive amounts of OP. Firing beams continuoysly also slowly increases their damage output.
God Eater 3 tutorial

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