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You’ve been quite famed and attracted people with lofty ambitions, my lord. Here, we have someone who wants to join us. Princess snow - young snow white is a lively and adorable princess with fascinating beauty. Though looking vulnerable, she actually bears huge potential. Let’s unleash her strength. Tap on partner. You may boos a partner’s strength by making he/she evolve.

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Princess Snow is ready. Now add her to your lineup. Tap the highlighted position to add a partner. War roars on in our world. My lord, let’s vanquish the foes and the evil. Here, we auto battle constantly to farm experience, gold and other loot. The enemies who attacked the Celestial Realm have escaped the pursuit of angels. I descended to the mortal world at the coast of the Caspian Sea along with the searching troops.

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My lord, a follower is praying in your Shrine, let’s check this out! Tap the follower to view her wish. Never let yourself overwhelmed by work. When feeling tired, you may spend time with new mode. In alchemy, you can craft powerful equipment. Tap on the craft button to make your first weapon: gear fragment + gear essence = random grade weapon. Next, equip your partner with it. You can fully equip in an instant by tapping “equip all” button.
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Heroic summoning token - use it to perform a heroic summoning for free. You may equip a partner with an honor, which enhances their stats. Worship: the jackpot winner can be worshipped by all other players. Worship the jackpot winner to get wish coins.
After collecting enough followers and reaching the required stage, your priesthood can be upgrade.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • After main character reaches the required levels, you can claim great rewards.
  • After evolving, your partner will be much stronger.
  • Make matches next to leaves to collect flowers.
  • Temple acolyte - the one who received the revelation from god.
  • Temple priest - can preside at rites for worshiping their god.
  • Partners put in assist slots can activate the best match of partners in lineup. Higher vip level allows you to set more protectors.
  • You can pick a tarot card once a day for free to see your luck and get rewards.

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Enhance - Can level up all weapon simultaneously. Weapon of better grades will enjoy greater improvement when enhanced. Divine summoning - can summon UR, SSR, SR grade partners and get 300 source pts. Summon 7 or more times you’ll be guaranteed 1 grade UR grade partner.
By making a wish, you get 1 level up and have a chance to collect rare items. Make a wish for 2 more days to randomly get a reward: ancient bone bow, bloody curse, war mammoth, ssr grade partner summoning.
God Help Me tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards God Help Me: gold, gift box, exclusive pack, wish coins.

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