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God Wars The Shifters cheat world: the void was so dark, and infinite that nothing cannot be seen and actually, nothing existed in the first place. There was no company with the wonderful name, cheat-on. And the wonderful person in front of the device must not have existed then. Darkness, chaos, and disorder were the only things that filled up the space. Everyone called it chaos. However, there was no one who would play with chaos. Well there was nothing. So bored, chaos made a goddess. She was the mother of the gods, Gaia. Gaia was so surprised to know that chaos was the only existence. Chaos was unpredictable chaos itself. Gaia thought she should make a lively world.

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She made lots of efforts. Eros the power of birth, the space of cleanse Tartarus, and so on were born. We could never know how she gave birth to them without a father but... anyway, she brought her husband to life and they started to make a beautiful world together.
Uranus the husband used all his strength to make the world beautiful. Gradually, the world was filled up with the warm sunshine, flowers of so many colors, kind and adorable rabbits, naive deer playing. Things like those filled up the world. And the kind giants called titan lived happily there. Some of the titans were born with ugly face and body. Uranus the father weren't so fond of the ugly ones. He wanted that only the beautiful things should exist in the world.

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One day, some ugly titans laughed after destroying mountain Olympus, one of his masterpieces. He thought he had enough of destruction in the world. In the end, he decided to do a terrifying thing. He decided to put the ugly offsprings deep down in the underground and make them sleep for eternity. It started everything. Gaia the mother of the gods were angry that her adorable children were put into the underground. They quarrelled and soon she let Cronus, her youngest son, to murder his father. And then Cronus was again murdered by his youngest son, Zeus. It is like the story of some cheap soap opera. But it didn't stop there; Cronus said to Zeus as his life ends.

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Asthe curse by Cronus who manipulated time and space was strong, Zeus was anxious. One day, the campe up with an idea:"if i am to be killed by my youngest son, i should just keep making sons. A son born today won't be the youngest son if there will be another son next year. Zeus became a womanizer after then and kept making children. That way, there were tens and hundreds of his children." Time kept passing and his unstoppable child making suddenly stopped.
Once you enter the game God Wars The Shifters, you will see the dominion screen. And you will notice the quest button and a gift boxy wiggling on the left side of the screen. That means there is a quest reward waiting for you. There's nothing you've done so far, but the quest is completed. This game goes on if you just keep reading the stories. If you are not sure what you should do, receive the rewards and read down the story.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: main quests appear once certain conditions have been satisfied. The maximum capacity of heroes rises and castle walls become stronger and solid as the level of castle goes higher. It's important that training units continuously. There are many lords who want to loot this rich resources in the world. Iron mine produces iron per hour. It will be stacked in storage.

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Tutorial (wiki): messages will be automatically deleted in 7d unless they are archived. You know - on the first of every month, the event that gives you twice as many diamonds at purchase get reset. Every tuesday, during an earthquake, the season changes and each season has various effects. Sign in everyday and get abundant rewards. play for 7 days in a row and get amazing rewards. Assign the most beneficial heroes to the buildings. The level of storage determines the item storing capa kingdom. Remember that you cannot receive if the storage is full.

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