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You are returning from your campaign, when all of a encounter a wolf! You have to fight it to continue your journey. I will be your assistant in this world. To start with, i recommend you visit the portal, fight in the arena and find something valuable in a dungeon. Dangerous monsters can be found in the portal. Defeat them to get gold, new equipment and trophies.

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Exploring caves takes a lot of time, but the rewards can be very valuable. You need 110 strength to break the bars.
In the Colosseum, multiple players complete against each other in a battle royale.
Only players who have been in the clan for at least 1 day can fight the dragon.

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Descend into an ancient Maze and find the gold chest! The maze consist of 5 stages. There are various traps at each stage that can deals 20%, 40$ or 60% of your health in damage.
There are also silver, XP, healing potions and other things hidden on the stages. The lower the stage, the greater the rewards, and on the last stage you can find a valuable gold chest.
Godlands: Heroes and Battles wiki
You need keys to move through the Maze. You can get them from Ariadna or for completing daily tasks.

The survival is a massive multiplayer online battle. Only the most advanced players will win. The battle is a daily event starting at 19:00 by server time. All players are fight in the same location. A player gets an extra reward for finishing off an opponent. Top 3 survived players will get a special reward. Other participants will get a reward also.

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  • The chest is locked? You need a silver key (can be obtained in chapter 2 after defeating the orc).
  • Special offer in honor of our 3rd anniversary! Cheat gold and get the same amount of gold as gift! Also everyone gets +200% experience and 200% silver for free. Maximum amount of gold you can get by special offer is 25000 gold a day. The offer is valid for any amount of purchases.
  • Training increases your character's attributes.

Godlands: Heroes and Battles tips
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  • Complete 6 tasks and get double the rewards tomorrow!
  • You can find gold, silver, XP and even a golden chest in the maze.

Tournament rules - every day, a tournament is held among the players in which every player fights for themselves. The battle format is the same as in the Colosseum.
Participants are split into groups of 5. The groups are assembled at random. The 1 winner of the 5 players goes ahead. The remaining players get a reward. The further you go, the higher the reward. A qualifying round takes place in the beginning. The strongest players skip the qualifying round. Each round lasts no more than 3 minutes. There’s a 30 seconds break between rounds.
Godlands: Heroes and Battles tutorial

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Keys are useful in the maze. The keys you can get by the special offer are not counted in the keys tournament and in clan tasks. You can take advantage of this special offer every day, but once a day.
The amulet increases the amount of XP and silver you earn in the arena and in massive battles.
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