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Welcome! Please choose a mode to start your journey: force rite, d-gladiator, valor arena. Force Rite - there is an altar in the center of this mode. Force orb is produced at regular intervals. At the top of the screen will display the total number of force orbs held by both teams. Countdown begin when first team reach 10 orbs. The team will win after the countdown. The skill orbs will be refreshed frequently on the map.

GODLike FOG SEA hack

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Pick up the skill orbs and beat your opponent to get the force orbs. Expression in the battlefield is also a way of communication. Don’t destroy the tower alone, you cna let the wild monster fight the damage first. Don’t think that the same hero is stronger than you, just the opposite side has a higher degree of awakening. If you think others are playing well, please add friends and play together next time.

GODLike FOG SEA cheats, hack codes

D-task: after receiving the season privilege, manually receive 1 rewards per day. In the force Rite, grab the 5 crystal. In the Valor arena, defeat the number of wild monsters specified 3. Participate in the 1 venue, the dungeon, get better results.
S-task: in the treasure-taking function, use gold coins to win the treasure. Inthe gameplay game, accumulated 50 assists. Participate in the 30 random game play during the period.
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Character death and breaking the crock will drop essence, eating it will enhance the properties. Jewelry can be accumulated indefinitely, but once it is killed, it will all disappear. Remember to rob the middle altar, and you will have an extra strong thug.
Skills: wrath of dragon - wave a big sword in the specified direction 240, causing 1904 damage. Weekly privilege - after active, gold coins weekly limit will exceed to 22000. Accumulate force pass points and receive corresponding items: H-Piao, C-Piao, H-Loulan Envoy, Secret silver key, sandstorm war scythe.

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