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Free hack Godzilla Defense Force cheats code list - g-cells, X-nium, gold, promo ticket, speed up, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Godzilla Defense Force cheat world: a swarm of monsters are approaching Tokyo! Defense lines 2 and 3 have been breached! We’re in big trouble if this keeps up! You’ve the only commander skilled enough for this mission. There’s no time to argue! head to Tokyo immediately! The command center is finished. Now you can give your orders to attack. To maneuver troops, simply tap an empty space on the screen.

Godzilla Defense Force hack

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Coins acquired from combat or as special rewards can be used for base card packs or additional base construction. Higher level bases produce stronger soldiers. Menu - you can equip and manage cards from here. Select a card and tap the equip button. Now get back on the battlefield and put it to good use! When you tap the card button, your equipped cards will appear. Just drag a card to the center of the screen to activate it!

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Remember, using a card consumes g-cells, which are shown with the purple gauge at the bottom of your screen. We regularly support our commanders with free card packs! If you are stuck on a battle, just take a break and come back when your free cards are ready. using monsters to fight other monsters.

Godzilla Defense Force wiki
You’ll receive rewards whenever your HQ level increases, and new actions may become available. You can always tap the level icon to see what rewards await you in the future. You can acquire X-nium from downed UFOs, so blast them out of the sky! Tap the screen to rescue the civilians. As you are well aware, these monster attacks have out Earth in grave danger. In order to establish a new base, HQ has plans to send civilians to the moon. You can find out more from HQ.

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    Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • As you've heard, defense force HQ is planning to colonize the moon should the worst happen to our home planet. At the moment, we're prioritizing civilians rescued from destroyed cities.
  • If we utilize the moonstones they mine for us, we might be able to find new ways to defend against these monster attacks. Rescue the civilians and colonize the moon as soon as you can!

Godzilla Defense Force tips
    Tutorial Godzilla Defense Force(wiki):
  • in game, players will have to construct different facilities that will help players protect their city from the iconic kaijiu in the Godzilla universe
  • Summon a variety of Kaiju, defend Earth's cities against Kaiju's attacks.
  • Earn all kinds of different cards, your favorite Kaiju from Godzilla film history now on your phone!

Godzilla Defense Force tutorial

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  • 1. seFUEiuqefyFMgw - card pack
  • 2. pvRtlkoSJHc0g9B - X-nium
  • 3. BO5qIkvkeXWzkx3 - speed up
  • 4. ZrURQYzBnNMcrQk - promo code
  • 5. K6J2VFHLE69GuqJ - g-cells
  • 6. ijoCk2f7guYQS1g - gold
  • 7. k1i7XE9ttYi6OaI - gem crystal (diamonds)
  • 8. OAxPFpuGXlqmZxd - premium pack
  • 9. MJF2wO7p78JbISE - chest
  • 10. jkuJ3EY6pP50qns - vip ticket

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