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Drag the joystick to move. Stand still to attack automatically. Take the capsule dropped by the zombie. Choose the ability you want. Use code zXajqfMgd - addds the burn effect to bullets. Let's kill more zombies and get more capsules. V6ArNAiyj pass - evasion increase, gk3be2Sgx - increases the number of bullets. Tap the evasion button to use your evasion. Step into the revival zone to revive your allies. Enter cheat iIvlasDpE - use the Golden Bros ultimate battery! Kill the enemy with your ultimate.

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1. QgmxrkrCS 2. 5ByyNcK1M 3. gneZJTlHK 4. VYXHnlzoA 5. aXqPM9dT2 6. 47reTlbVe 7. qu3r1lbvf 8. DL6d13A4Q 9. 4kIo4h8Om 10. TgjbNtvPP

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