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Long, long ago, evil forces drove the world as we know it to the brink of ruin. A long war raged for thousands of years, and ultimately the humans emerged victorious. A dark stone was used to seal the path into the demon world.The humans who led mankind to victory in the war were called the golden knights they became legends.

Thousands of years have passed since the dark stone was placed. In the year 2259, humankind was faced with a massive disaster in the form of a meteor collision. The meteor collision dislodged the Dark stone, removing the seal on the gates to the demon world. This massive disaster was a judgment day for humanity - all were taken. Bountiful farmlands were laid to waste, and all that humans held dear was taken from them

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Demons flooded into the human real, through the warp gate leading out of the demon world, and the demons, led by the demon king, launched an all out offensive.
They were like titans, trampling everything that stood in their way. The demon king quickly conquered the world, and the humans fell helplessly. The humans ended up resorting to the use of nuclear weapons - a move that could jeopardize their own future.
The humans dispatched an ark into space, carrying humans to keep the species alive should the Earth come to an end. Those who had been unable to flee gathered in safe havens to establish new countries, and continued to stand off against the demon forces.

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However, the fallout from the nuclear war caused numerous organisms to turn into mutants, plunging the war into furter chaos. Over the centuries of war, both sides tired, and countless mutants were created. Ultimately, the two sides ended up signing an armistice to suspend hostilities.
One day, approximately 1000 years from the armistice, tragic news arrived at the holy kingdom. The demons had kidnapped the king’s second-born, princess Charlotte. Taken by the demons, Charlotte had been brainwashed and her memories erased - she had become one of them.
The reigning King, Alexander Quinton, ordered a search for the whereabouts of the princes. The search became the trigger that ended the armistice. The land was again engulfed by a bloodthirsty wind...
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You’re the newly appointed Captain correct? I’m afraid you’ll need to go to the front lines right away. I know it’s sudden, but please defeat the monsters and protect the main hall. Let me provide you some assistance.
You can move your hero using the control pad. Use the autoplay button to make your heroes fight automatically. You now have time to prepare your next orders.
Overhelm your enemies by using powerful skills. If you substitute your battle hero, the hero on the battlefield will return to your hand.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • If you tap an opponent, that opponent will be attacked first.
  • Something good can happen if you lose your weapons.
  • Protect important heroes and equipment using the "lock" function
  • Use the summoning Hall when you need a new hero. Use the info button to view the hero's stats.
  • Inventory - there is a weapon that can be equipped. Select the first equipment slot. You can upgrade or equip equipment. +6,9,12,15 bonus options are added for each enhancement. Tap an empty slot to find out where you can obtain that equipment.
  • Tap the auto skill item. This allows your characters to use skill automatically.

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  • Awakening a hero boosts base stats and adds passive skills.
  • Buildings can be purchased from the store. You can upgrade heroes and their skills at the upgrade hall. Visit the upgrade hall whenever you need to upgrade your heroes.
  • Treasure chests and keys can be randomly obtained at the campaign mode.
  • Upgrade hall - hero level and skills can be upgraded to enhance your heroes. Gold and other heroes in your inventory can be used to upgrade hero levels. Additionally, heroes’ skills can be upgraded.

Golden Knights Universe tutorial

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