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Please click the road going into the city level. It’s time we give enemy a lesson!Your assistants are no match for the enemy’s boss! You must upgrade your assistants and return to challenge them! Tap the assistant to enter and upgrade your heroes. You will get plenty of good assistants later. Upgrading them will definitely help the gang’s development and battles. Date lovers you like to get connections to affiliated gangs and increase your influence.

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Please go to the office and deal with gang affairs. Abbott is handing the gangs’ common affairs. You need three basic resources to operate the gang: money laundering gives cash. Smuggling gives ammo. Recruitment gives member. Our illegal income needs to come from money laundering. Please click the “go ahead” button. With time you’ll be able to launder more money. Using black money to smuggle ammo will give us the firepower needed for battles. Smuggling chances increase with time. Recruiting men will consume ammo. You must equip enough ammo at all times. Don’t forget to return to the office at all times.

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You have the capability now to lead the gang forward. Let’s take back our honor and average father and brother. Top panel - this is our firepower and our gangs total fighting power. On the other side is the enemy’s firepower. Bottom - our battle status. Before start battle, you can click exit.
Assistants have 4 attributes: battle, trade, smuggling, leadership. They all stand for different meanings. Battle stands for battle power in stages. Trade is related to how much cash you can get when laundering money.
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Ammo smuggling is all about how much ammo you can get when smuggling. Leadership means how many members you can recruit when recruiting. Clearing stages and dealing with emergencies will get you gang experience. Then you can increase your main character level for more benefits. Tap the upgrade button to increase main character level and get more benefits and assistants.

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