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Hi, gamer! I’m cheat-on, and i’ll be your caddy! First up, let’s learn how to swing. Swipe downward to pull back your club. The further you swipe, the more power you’ll get! Now, swipe your finger upwards to let it fly! The shot indicator on the bottom left provides a layout of the hole and a reference for club distance. The wind indicator displays the direction and strength of the wind. The shot feedback display will show you the power of your shot, closely followed by the direction of your swing gestures.

Golden Tee Golf hack

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Go ahead and pick out a stylish new hat for your effort. You’ll look almost as good as me wearing it. Tap your current club on the right, and swipe up or down to change clubs. Remember the shot indicator we talked about? Use it to land your next shot in the target area. To adjust your aim, place two fingers on the screen and gently swipe left or right to rotate. Fantastic shot! YOu’ve just scored yourself some more fashionable clothing.

Golden Tee Golf cheats, hack codes

Let’s try a sniper golf ball. This ball will stop on a dime! You’re gonna love it! Start by tapping the standard ball icon on the right. Then select the sniper golf ball. I even put a flashing highlighter on it. Your shot indicator changes when you’re on the green. That’s the slope of your putt. To pull, pull the club back and swipe forward. Adjust the direction of your forward motion based on slope. Let’s hit the clubhouse! Sign in using one of the choices below, and save your progress.
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At the top of the screen, you’ll find your career stats, the currency shop, world leaderboards, and records of your achievements. See Hack icon bopping around up there? Tap that so we can take a look. These are limited time cheat codes that can give you an edge out on the course. We’re moving on for now, but don’t forget about these! Check out the various game modes, like daily 9 event! The more shots you take, the more rewards you’ll earn. Want to make some fat stacks? Complete against real players from around the world in your contest league. Take on the campaign and you’ll tour the world mastering courses on multiple difficulty tiers.

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Daily 9: take 9 shots in a 24 hour period. Rewards and bonuses increase with each shot. Holes in one will trigger multiplier rewards. Top 3 players win gold bars.
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