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Cheat GOT Winter is Coming M hack android, ios code

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Hack GOT Winter is Coming M: cheat List
dragon ore - use hack 2IdHqkQKc
Holy prophecy x10 draw - enter pass RxFkjqStf
Increase resource production and gathering speed by 300% - ewinKxMt5
increase bowmen attack by 300% - Sb90iBUmD
legendary commander - MMbjNqjqr
speed up - 4uho9k6CO
Month Card x1 code - TVKfFd3F9
upgrade cheat - spOAn8TFl
daily gift bag x10 - 5mgVXe6jN
secret combination - t7zGAUJW7
level up - czEnEnmXp
resources (iron, stone, grain, wood) x9,999,999 - VYTlDyU7i
research now - 59kNTGSTB
gold dragons x 5,000 - pHgnGJ39l
materials - dIeX8DdJY
promote - LH2wHN8A5
VIP 15 status - 6mPyaWbIk
special reward - cLgF7gFww
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Game Story
From the lands of always winter comes the snow day turns to night and the darkness brings the white walkers. A shroud of death falls across the face of Westeros. To meet this threat Houses Targaryen, Stark and Lannister declare a truce and take up arms against their common enemy. But alliances rarely last. In the end only power will remain, because this is a game of Thrones.
GOT Winter is Coming M Hack Basics
You are the warrior prophesied by the Lord of Light, who will expel the darkness in the name of the Light, and protect Westeros. The Seven Kingdoms is still ravaged by war, and we are surrounded by powerful enemies. Under the guidance of the Lord of Light, complete Lord Quests. Let us begin by restoring your Grain production. I am well versed in building construction. I will surely be able to increase your construction speed if you would allow me to supervise the work. Deploy commander to reduce time and cost.
Hint & Tips
1. As you increase your power, your title will also improve. These titles are not just for glory, but also have tangible benefits, which will aid you in construction and expeditions.
2. Increasind nobility to castle guard cna raise the level cap.
3. The city wall can protect your city and is a sturdy barrier against invasion. Defending commanders cna be stationed there, and you can construct fortifications to fend off enemies.
4. Pack purchase - the special offer you purchased has been placed in your inventory. Please go to the house gift screen to view it. We hope you had an enjoyable shopping experience.
Now that the grain is ready, it's time to reorganize our army. We lack a commander who can train soldiers. You may activate the Observatorium, and the Commanders and skills shown in the prophecies will be at your service.
Untrained soldiers cannot go into battle. Sending commanders for training will definitely help. Deploy commander to reduce time and increase training quantity.
A rebel army has infiltrated your fief to escape pursuit, but we have not enough scouts and need your assistance. Only by eliminating the rogues can we solidify your rule. The army is ready to set out.
Warehouse - can protect your unsafe resources from being transported. The dragonpit - is mainly used for the displays and growth of dragons. The rookery - is used to warn against enemies and scouting. Hospital - the mother is merciful. Wounded soldiers receive treatment here. Cavalry barracks - trains the city's cavalry and provides military strength. Maester's tower - technology research helps with the develop,ent of the city. Ranch - produce the meat dragons need.
GOT Winter is Coming M Dragons
Dragons descended to help you dominate the world! Dragon system open! The dragon growth period is divided into seven stages> Dragonpit is the place for training dragons. You can check experience, stamina, and skills from the Dragonpit. Through the Hall of Valyriant, dragons can be further enhanced with more abilities. In addition, the Dragon ore can give more power to your dragon and the Ranch in the city can produce food for the units. Dragons can be used on the battlefield after training.
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GOT Winter is Coming M Redeem gift code
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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date08 October 2020
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