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Grancrest War Quarter Conflict cheat world: the lords are locked in a state of perpetual war, feuding over crests. Over time, two powerful factions fight for power (the factory alliance, the fantasia union). But then, amidst the despair a glimmer of hope...Alexis (young nobleman of the doucet family), Marrine (young noblewoman of the kreische family) - their political marriage heralds an end to the onflict. Two great houses united under one crest, known as the grancrest.

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It will purge the chaos, and bring about the age of order. However, their union never came to pass. For what is now known as the great hall tragedy shattered their dream of peace. Gifted graduate of the mage academy Siluca - man on a mission from across the sea. Theo - a chance encounter on a war torn continent. But what has fate in store for them? I hereby enter into contract with the crest of knight Theo, and swear eternal allegiance unto him. At this rate i'll be dead before i realize my dream. Don't worry. I'll be by your side!

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Tap the attack button to attack. Tap three times for a powerful finishing attack. Hold down for a powerful attack. This skill can only be used a certain number of times, so use it wisely. A crest's power level is determined by the amount of chaos it has absorbed. Your character will automatically guard against attacks when not moving. Use guarding to defend against attacks that are difficult to evade.

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Orthrus - a two headed demon dog from Tartarus. He has a fierce pounce attack and his fire breath inflicts burn. Try dodging his pounce attacks, before you attack. Lord - this class is best suited to fighting large numbers of foes. With high endurance and the ability to mow down large groups, it's a good class to use when surrounded by a lot of enemies. Also, it's special skill "battle flag" can call reinforcements, or buff allies.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: tap one of the other character icons to switch to a different character. If you link this into a combo, you can unleash a powerful finishing attack. Once the rainbow colored gauge is full, tap the button. This will activate quartet mode, in which all the characters in your deck fight at once. YOu can unlock crest powers with chaos cores that you earn with every new rank. Once you unlock a crest power, your stamina will rise to its max, and you can receive crest stones and other sorts of benefits. Note that some powers can't be unlocked unless you unlock the power next to it.

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Tutorial Grancrest War Quarter Conflict (wiki): Court Ranks - Shows a Lord's standing. Absorbing Chaos Cores into a crest raises court rank. Higher ranks mean stronger crests and larger areas of rule. In Guild Battles, rank changes monthly, depending on how many Guild Medals you won in the previous month. High court rank gives you a score bonus.
Exploration quests - in this type of quest, you explore vast, complex maps and try to make it to the goal. You'll also come across hidden treasure chest and ultra powerful monster. Explore every corner of the map to clear the quest missions.

Grancrest War Quarter Conflict hacked Grancrest War Quarter Conflict instructions: In guid battles use your defense deck to defend you base. Choose wisely characters in your defense deck will become bosses when the enemy invades. if you never edit your defense deck, it will be generated autamiacally be level. Use character upgrade items to level up characters. Use same type items as your character, or get great or amazing success to earn even more experience. As you luck increases, your special skills become more effective! Increase luck and special and switchover skill effects by getting more characters. Note that this method is different than awakening or using passive skills with items. The number of times you can use a special skill is increased by evolving them, not luck.

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