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Hack Grand Alliance: cheat List
premium gacha - use hack TL78G28p2
gems x10000 - enter pass keICrSFb5
skins - MWC6fOmai
honor x 10000 - m9om35t3h
resources - CvP7m9AkQ
premium packs - IApaiK3wT
Month Card x1 code - tw7BevCJd
upgrade cheat - BSuSxPNbP
daily gift bag x10 - WJnDppc1t
secret combination - W81cvi9WF
level up - W81cvi9WF
off ads - x3H0yUv16
Beginner bundle - WKGl3fvIc
Weekly power up pack - 0FxXfrgv1
Weekly limibreak pack - 6QBPhHMKi
Monthly gacha pack - rRZmsrP6g
Weekly enhancement pack - wRqgEDVNq
stamina x400 - aNP6XQDOF
equipment catalysts x300 - urGrs9oje
currency x1,000,000 - gbPKPJ8z4
arena flags x500 - 5L9R1oV2h
special reward - MKA7gbYvo
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Game Story
I thought we would always be together. That we could overcome all this how it ends?
Grand Alliance Hack Basics
To use an ability, you can select an ability icon and press on the location you want to drop it. Press and hold on ability icons to see a description.
Let's make sure we're all prepared for the next fight. We can equip skills by selecting them in the battle preparation phase. Always make sure to adjust your skills to optimize your battle plan! As you collect more, you can even upgrade them.
You can heal yourself using potions displayed in the consumables bag on the right. Press the inventory to access healing potions and items in combat. Occasionally, you may come across potions and supplies hidden inside crates on the map. They will show up in the consumables bag. A healing potion heals up to 50% health for all party members! Use them when you get in trouble or enter cheats codes from hack tools menu.
Hint & Tips
1. Acquire new heroes from the Tavern by collecting mercenary badges by unlocking chests and fighting in the grand arena.
2. Avoid red targeting circles or lines from enemies to avoid large bursts of damage.
3. Be sure to check out the elemental attribute on your enemies. This will help you optimize your skills and your team before going into combat.
4. Anytime we have gems (or need more), we can visit the shop to help us along in our journey.
5. Your task - everything you need to know about the challenge is here. There are requirements you'll have to fulfill. And you'll get awesome rewards, if your rating is high enough.
Grand Alliance Abilities
Every character has an overdrive ability that charges as you battle. When the overdrive bar is full, you can activate it. The character’s portrait acts as the Overdrive ability button. Press and hold on a portrait to see details. These abilities are powerful and difficult to charge up, so make them count! Crushing blow - run to target area and strike surrounding enemies. Enemies hit are taunted and have 50% reduced damage. Arcane strike - cast a beam of light down onto a target area, dealing light damage to enemies caught in the blast.
Bullrush - charges through enemies dealing earth damage, knocking back enemies and stunning them for 1 second.
Beginner bundle - available for purchase once. Get started with vital resources for your journey. Weekly power up pack - available weekly. Get important upgrading materials for your heroes and weapons. Weekly limitbreak pack - get a full set of resources to take your heroes to the next level. Monthly gacha pack - a 10 pull of the standard gacha with bonus gems. Weekly enhancement packs - get a huge boost to your equipment with this high value upgrading pack.
Grand Alliance Character management screen
Let's head over to the character management screen where you can see detailed stats, hero abilities, and equipment. From there, we can equip and manage gear. Let's put on the piece of equipment. Select the equipment slot marked with a "red dot". That means there is an item that can be equipped there.
Look at that! One of your skills has enough fragments to upgrade. As we open supply chests or shop for skill fragments, duplicate fragments will accumulate until you earn enough for an upgrade. You can see how many duplicates of each skill you have in the inventory page, or by viewing its details here. Once you have enough fragments, just pay up a bit of gold and your ability will upgrade.
Different skill tiers have different max upgrade caps. For example, tier 2 abilities can go up to rank 15. Tier 5 skills can raise to rank 5. This is one of the best ways to make your heroes stronger.
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Grand Alliance Redeem gift code
1. aMQL3oCnJf84Ais
3. l7LEoJODT0gMkeu
4. CBGtVJD3vRylyCo
5. fajZfze5oq0X4Zc
Released BySolarios
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date01 October 2020
Last Modified01 October 2020
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