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Grand Hotel Mania redeem codes

Hello, Boss! I’m Monica. Our hotel is about to have its first quests. Let’s learn how to check them in. Tap the guest to greet them. Select the room you want to put them in. The guest has had a nice stay, and now they’re going to the reception desk to check out. Tap the guest to check them out. Use Ted - your bellhop, it’s his job to clean the rooms after our guests leave them.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): To clean a room, we need soap. Tap the housekeeping area, and take a bottle. Now tap the toom to tell to clean it. The room is speen and span! YOu can put a new guest there now. The objective of first level is to check two guests in. We’ve already served the first one, so there’s only one left. Counter shows how many more quests are going to visit your hotel. Serve the first quest on your own, you can do it!
cheat, Step #2: We should develop the hotel and make it the most famous one in the world! Let’s go to the upgrade store! If we upgrade our cleaning supplies, Ted will be able to clean rooms Quickly. Cleaning supplies - modern cleaning equipment and cleaning products will help you keep your rooms nice and tidy. To develop the hotel, you’re going to need money. I’ll explain how this works. Don’t worry, it’s easy.
Grand Hotel Mania code, Step #3: To get coins, fill guests’ orders. Orders with green timers earn more coins. Soon your quests will have new orders, and you can fill them to earn more coins. Classic rooms - classic, tastefully - decorated rooms. The better your rooms and decorated, the more loyal your customers will be.
Step #4: With soap in each hand, you’ll be ready for anything life can throw at you! Well, maybe not everything! Ted might need another item. Let’s get rid of the extra soap. Bottom left corner - this shows you the items Ted is currently holding. Tap the soap to discard it an d free up one of his hands. The coffee marker makes coffee automatically. Tap the coffee marker to make Ted take a cup of a coffee. Then, tap the guest to bring them the order.

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