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In the campaigns of 1805 and 1806, he greatly enhanced his reputation at the battles of Austerlitz, Saalfeld, Jena, Putusk, and Ostrolenka, in the last of which he commanded an infantry division. He obtained the title of count on 19 march 1808.
Ine position after another has been captured by us! Only here is still in the hands of the kings army. The citizens here will respond to your call and fight with you. Select a unit, move to a target position, and attack the enemy. Select a unit and occupy the neutral building.

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hack Grand War European Conqueror Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):There are three types of resource producing buildings in the game: iron ore, bank, and timber factory. After occupying the corresponding resource building, you can produce money, wood, and iron ore. Towns can produce these three resources at the same.

cheat Step #2: By consuming resources, we can train different types of units in infantry battalions, cavalry, artillery, and docks. Towns can not only produce resources, but also all units except navy.
The enemies ambush may cause serious damage to our soldiers, and the ambushed unit will also be unable to attack and counterattack.

code Step #3:Enemy town has a city defense, and the city defense value will be restored every round. We can only have a chance to occupy it if we have exhausted the city defense value. Bastille - it is the goal of our operation.

Grand War European Conqueror Step #4: Capture the fortress! We will have more weapons. There are various events in the level, which may be support or morale. But these events may not necessarily benefit your situation. You can learn the trigger position of some events in the event target column on the left.

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  • 2. Units:

    Militia - melee units with weak combat capabilities are more suitable for maintaining law and order, and are mostly used as bait on the battlefield to attract enemy forces.
    The cavalry - is a quicker light cavalry. It has a slight advance in the engagement with the cavalry, but it is difficult to break through the armor of the heavy cavalry.
    Light infantry - put into battle, you can make good use of the infantry regiment in the surrounding terrain. You need to pay attention to the light infantrys bullets.
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