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When you complete all daily quests, you'll receive special royal gifts. Command the battle by directly using the knights skills. Are you the new captain of the order! We won, thanks to you! So you are the captain from all the rumors. The amount consumed increases as the skill level increases. Tap the stage icon to view the stage information. You'll enter the stage when you tap on the start button. You may select a friends hero and join a battle together. Gain more gold from hack cheat code the dimension crack. Skills: chaos judgment – inflict damage on the target and surrounding enemies and throw them into the air temporarily. Special chaos judgment – inflict damage on all enemies in the battlefield and throw them into the air, then stun them for 3 seconds.

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Combine requires two allies of the same grade with 100 rapport and max enhance level. Rapport increases by battling in the same party. Combine produces a new ally of the next grade, but at the expense of losing the original 2 allies. Keep in mind, combine is the best way to acquire high level allies. On the right side of the main screen is the Folie. You can view the allies you've acquired so far as well as their stats and details. You can sell allies, but I recommend enhancing or combining them instead. Your allies will level up as they battle, and then they'll be more helpful. To enhance, you need an ally to use as enhance material. Enhance is the best way to make our allies stronger. Swipe the ally to use as enhance material to the center and tap enhance.

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Your party can have up to 4 allies. It's important to constantly recruit better allies. You can summon new allies at the shop for 30 friend points. Don't worry about not having good allies. Allies can also be acquired in adventures. View your allies by tapping allies below and add new allies to your party. Swipe with your finger to view and select an ally. After you select an ally, use the buttons below to manage them. Tap the details icon to view information about your ally. On the left are the ally's info and equipment. On the right are your ally's skills. When you're done checking out your allies, tap exit to return to the game. Tap items to equip your allies. Item info will display on the left. To equip, select it and tap the equip button or drag and drop it into an empty slot. You can't remove an item once you've equipped it on an ally, so equip wisely.

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1. HvFS2jpRh2 – royal family supply box
2. uL3RpCl0Lm – battle order
3. WnwBpXvr1s - essence
4. euG9Mazjxz – card box
5. zO7mZxR03E - enhance stone
6. A1Nvi6U76U – premium draw
7. tNx1zov8mh - gems

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