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Hey, wake up! Come on, humans are coming! I don’t want to die! Fight the human, find the exit and escape. Touch the shrine to enhance your party. Battle is automatic. Surviving a battle will grant you combat experience. Reset outside the dungeon. Look, above is equipment. Below is item helping your adventure! Move to next floor using the portal. You are strong! You are smart, good at battle! Be our captain! Remember that we have to check the dungeon spawned in front of our clan? You can’t go there alone! It’s dangerous! Make your hack team! Let’s go to tavern!

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Tavern - where you can recruit team members! There are normal recruit, and special recruit! We need a special member in order to enlarge our clan. When recruit point is full, next special recruit guarantees a 5 star hero. Recruit point can be collected by normal and special cheat code recruit. Choose 1 of the 3 hero. Cost diamonds to summon additional hero. Touch the quest menu. Before depart, we must make the party. Normal party is composed of 4 members at most! Fill it in from the left. Left side mate has to endure most attacks, so i recommend a warrior on the left.

Green Skin cheats, hack codes

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Ready? Then let’s head to the dungeon. Be prepared, it’s not easy to find the way out! Must note the number of food we have! Okay, let’s go! I was anticipating the adventure with captain! Touch the cave of beginner dungeon. Must remember 3 things: map, food, and trap! If we lose a battle, or use all the food, then we have to leave the dungeon! Obtained items are in the backpack. Adventure items are kept in the pocket. Use the campfire to restore HP (use foods).
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There’s a strong monster near the portal, so be careful. Our heroes can also get stronger. Heroes can be stronger by skill power up, evolution, and level up! But we need soulstone, evolution stone and gold. Always keep these resources. Inventory - you can enhance your weapon right here. But at certain level, if you fail to enhance, the equipment will be destroyed. Must be careful after the 5th enhancement. Remember, better items have more enhancement chance.

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Characters tier list: Silver - increase party’s defense for 2 turns after attack. Aril - deal 50% of attack to all enemies, reducing their speed for 1 turn. Aldrich - deal 180% of attack to an enemy. Mev - deal 60% of attack to all enemies, reducing their physical nad magical resist. Zbt9El - growth: for every monster killed all stat +1% (maximum 20%)
HxdTfn - gluttony: all stat +30%, food cost -1 on the move.
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