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Hello, welcome to the simulative battle space. The simulative battle is about to begin. Now you know powerful your enemies are! These are the enemies you will face and defeat. You cannot defeat them without a strong partner. THe responsibility of saving the world is too important. The rules of the world can’t let people who are too complex in their hearts enter. And the most important reason is that you have contacted with the world before. In short, you are selected.

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Now the world is controlled by darkness, you need to find those friends and unite them to defeat the darkness so that you can return to your own world. THe little partners around you are the ones the world has chosen for you. You will always be together in the future. Go to a high place and find the lost friends first. Pay attention to your rage, when the rage is full, you can release skills to effectively win the battle.

Greymon Go cheats, hack codes

The enemies behind are becoming more and more powerful. We need to improve the attributes of our digimon. Enter the array interface, select the digimon you need to cultivate, and click to upgrade. After upgrading the level, you can quickly upgrade the four - dimensional attributes, and only when the level meets the conditions can you advance. After advancing unit, you can unlock powerful combat talents.
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Received fragment, you can synthesize a complete digimon after collecting enough fragments. The pet will evolve with enough conditions, which will greatly change the shape and attribute ability of character. There are many situations in digimon evolution, you can choose the object when evolving. After evolution, the level attribute of unit as subject will be inherited.

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