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Welcome! Be a hallowinner - 10000 in-game currency or amazon gift cards, invite your friends to win. Something is Brewing at GTarcade halloween. It’s cosplay time. Share your invation links with the following 3 share option on your social media. Gift code - for every download or account registered using your unique invitation link, you will get pumpkin lamps, which can be redeemed for in-game rewards in GTarcade games. There are maximum 2million pumpkin lamps redeemable in each game (except 300 for ROO). Gift cheat - the top 100 players will each get a $25 amazon gift card. Among the top 100 participants, the top 10 for each game (LOD, EOC, ROO, LoA2 and LoA3), in total 50 participants, will all get 1 million diamonds (in-game currency).

GTARCADE Halloween hack

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GTarcade is getting a mascot. We will organize 3 different event to reveal the official Mascot, and participants who have taken part in all three stages will have the chance to get the GTarcade mascot as their personal pet or mount in all games. The first stage is called Hallowen GTarcade cheat - be a hallowinner, implys that our mascot has something related to fire! The mascot’s second characteristic will be announced after the first stage ends.

GTARCADE Halloween cheats, hack codes

Take a picture of your Halloween cosplay, upload it with the official template and then share it to your social media, along with the unique invitation link. Your spooky match - upload a face picture with the official template and then share it on your social media, along with the uniqe invitation link. Letter exchange event: during the event, spend hack stamina to get points. You can earn a maximum of 5000 points per day. Points can be used to draw rewards, including special event letters that can be exchanged for rare items.
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Ranking games: Legacy of Discord Furious wings, League of angels 3, Era of celestials, League of angels 2 and other. Legacy of Discord Furious Halloween Items cheat codes: Dar winged - use to activate or upgrade dark winged lord metamorph. Pet capsule toy machine - come see what amazing prizes are in the toy machine! Complete quests to unlock the corresponding puzzle pieces, each one unlocked will grant a reward. Gifts for all - during the event, a special event Boss will appear at 3PM and 10 PM in the untamed wilds. Slay the boss to get lots of Rave letters and capsule coins.

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