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Quest page
Quest page where you are rewarded for your hand battles. Upon completing the quests from here, you will be rewarded with quest points and gold. Once you complete a quest, a new quest will become available after 24 hours. Collecting enough quest points will also allow you to open the guardian chronicle chest at the top. Quest chests are created in variety of ways. And each chest grade has a different quest point requirements to open. You will eventually get them all by completing quests. Get rewarded for completing the daily quests and collect quest points to open the guardian chests.

Guardian Chronicle use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!

Deck - this is where you can view the information about your soldiers. You can view and select the guardians chronicle to use in game on the left side of the screen. Heroes can be replaced from the deck at any time. Up to five decks can be stored and switched around by tapping each number. On the right side of the screen , you can view unit's information. It also shows which characters you have not yet obtained, and those you have obtained so far. Tap portrait to see the info button, and use button for placing the guardian in your deck. Select the use button to swap the guardian with another in your deck. Once you collect enough cards for same guardian, you will be able to upgrade them. Upon reaching the required number of cards, the info button will change to the upgrade button. Tap the info/upgrade button to view detailed information about the guardian. You can check various stats about the guardian chronicle here. If an upgrade is available, you can also see the stat that will increase with the upgrade.

Guardian Chronicle Co-op mode

Co-op mode - in this mode preparation, you can see your best co-op mode record and your deck. If you have friends you wish to play with, you can invite them with the invite friend button. But, please note that you can only invite friends who are online. There is a boost system in Co-op mode to maximize your rewards and it's applied in both friend invitation matches and quick matches. The boosted rewards are too good to miss out on, so get the best out of them. The goal of the Co-op mode is to not let any monsters pass. There is a final round in co-op mode, and your rank rises based on how fast you clear them.
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