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Free hack Guardian Girls cheats code list - skins, characters, power up, promo ticket, lives, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Guardian Girls cheat world: The sun is giving off its light and warmth. The sound of the busy steps of the crowd echoes throughout the city. The highways are filled with cars and buses. The couds danced slowly in the blue skies. Everything is at peace. The civilization of humanity has been going on though ages. For every day that lapsed, humanity keeps improving. But all of it changed when the Astral spirits attacked.

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Nobody know when or how they existed, but one thing is for sure: they are here to eliminate humanity. They caused chaos and wrecked havoc. Darkness engulfed the planet as these monsters swarmed over continents. To counter these evil spirits, an organization was formed. Girls with exceptional abilities were assembled to defend and fight for humanity. They have undergone massive training to master their magical capabilities. They are humanity’s last hope. They are the heroines who will carry the people’s aspirations. They are the ones who will make dreams come true.

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Alert! Multiple hostile astral spirits confirmed! Sector C is under attack. Just drag your guardian girl on the screen where you wanted her to move. If that red dot at the center of the guardian girl gets hit, you’ll lose one HP! You only have three lives at the start of the fight, so be careful! You know how to use your special ability?

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Each guardian girl has a unique special attack. Did you see the icon on the top right corner to the screen, just below the pause button? Just press that or double tap anywhere, and watch all those enemies go boom!
Boss Fights, the minions are too easy? Don't worry there's a boss for every 10 levels in the game, with cool and challenging bullet patterns

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