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Summoner, you're just in time! The battle is looking dire, and our guardians need your guidance. First, select your guardian group by tapping on the blue circle on the ground. Great, now move your group to the target location by tapping on the ground or dragging the group indicator. There's an enemy scout approaching! Quick, hide your guardians in the long grass! If you get too close to enemy scouts, they will alert nearby guardians and call them to your location. Ok, the scout has passed. It's safe to come out now.

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hack GUARDIANS OF ELDERON Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Two of your guardians have fallen in battle and transformed into crystals, so we need to revive them. Move your guardians next to the crystal and wait a few seconds until the guardian is revived. Now, let's revive the next guardian crystal. Revive the guardian by moving next to the crystal. There's a Fire Golem ahead! Slaying it will give us a damage bonus for a few minutes. Attack the golem by moving your guardians close to it.

cheat Step #2: As your guardians attack, they recharge their special abilities. When an ability is ready, its icon will appear on the left side of the screen. To cast an ability, tap or drag from the ability icon to the target. To check the stats of a guardian, tap and hold on an icon on the left side.

code Step #3:Beast Knight - Launches a pulse of energy in the target direction, damaging all nearby enemies on impact. Deals 45 to 150 damage, depending on distance traveled.Passive: When out of combat, regenerates 0.5% maximum health every second. Vanguard - Crashes down a cascade of blades in the target direction, dealing 80 damage and executing enemies below 25% health. Passive: Each basic attack has a 10% chance to stun the enemy for 1 second. Fire Mage - Summons a fire storm at the target location for 4 seconds, dealing 23 damage each second to all enemies in the area. Passive: Basic attacks deal damage to multiple nearby enemies. Frostbringer - Entombs all enemies in the target area in ice for 2 seconds, rendering them unable to move or attack. Passive: Basic attacks apply frost. At 5 stacks enemies are frozen for 1 second. Blade Spinner - Creates a shield around all allies at the target location for 4 seconds, which absorbs up to 100 damage.Passive: Gains 10% bunus chance to deal double damage on basic attacks.

GUARDIANS OF ELDERON Step #4: The level of your Nexus determines the maximum level of your guardians and other buildings, so upgrading it is essential! With the resources you previously gathered, you can upgrade your Nexus to level 2. Let's do that right now! Tap on your Nexus to select it, then upgrade it by using the menu on the left. he Nexus upgrade has unlocked the first structures. Let's check them out! Tap on your Nexus and then select the Build option. Select one of the available structures and position it. Then tap somewhere else to finish the build.

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  • Tap and hold on icon on the left side to view guardian details.
  • The damage of your Towers depends on the total number of Power Cores you control.
  • You can use the minimap in the buttom left corner to find objectives and plan your attack.
  • When upgrading buildings, if you have at least half of the required resources, you can use Runes to make up for the difference.
  • Large Treasure - A chest containing 7 items of many possible types, from equipment to spells and resources. This chest contains at least one Grand or Epic item.
  • Be sure to regularly collect their production, since they have limited storage capacity.
  • The Towers will defend your base against attackers. They also protect the buildings around them, so make sure you position them wisely.
  • Your base is also home to four elemental golems. You already met the Fire Golem. It gives your guardians increased attack damage. The Magic Golem increases the power of your guardians' abilities. The Earth Golem enables your guardians to regenerate health while out of combat. And the Light Golem increases movement and attack speed. The golems respawn every few hours. Try to slay them regularly so they won't be available to potential attackers. You can quickly send your guardians to attack the golems by using the button in the lower right corner.
  • Tap on the Battle icon in the top right corner, and select one of the available quests.
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