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Guardians of Throne cheat world: we've taken the crown. The legend was true! This is the real king's crown! Thank the heavens it didn't fall into the demonic legion's hands. The king's crown is safe, but we've heard reports of another artifact located at the royal bridge. Take care, hero. The area will surely be crawling with demons.

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tap dungeon button to see the map. Tap treasure map to claim your rewards. Suit up in your favorite outfit, show off your moves and your looks. Remember that you can collect free stamina twice per day. Log in during the first 7 days for amazing rewards (stamina potions, epic hero pack, soul, summon stone, blitz scroll, gold, diamonds)

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Characters: Raijin (damage\ AOE) - absorbs power from nature and terminates enemies with rage of nature. Ardeny - front row damage dealer. Can knockback enemies, making flint a perfect pair for heroes wuth the ability to combo enemies. Selene - back row damage dealer. Can easily attack a single enemy in the back row. Pairs well with heroes that can knockback enemies, allowing Selene to launch combos at will.

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Warrior - high speed, massive critical damage! Excels in controlling the battle with silence and stun skills. May increase all allies' rage upon entering battle. Amy (Tank) - the embodiment of willpower itself. Amy's phusical defense greatly increases as her HP is reduced in battle. A true nemesis of assassins. YOung Byron - front row damager dealer. Can knockback enemies, pairing well heroes that use follow up attack to cause massive combo damage.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: tap heroes to open the characters interface. Tap upgrade to open the advancing interface. Tap upgrade to use soul fragments to advance your heroes. YOu can unleash powerful skills once you have enough rage. RPG action starts once you choose your fate: Fight as a warrior, mage, knight and more. Upgrade your chosen warrior with the skills you learn from fighting in intense, fast-paced battles! Take part in epic RPG battles and prove your skills to your enemies. Dominate the battlefield with your strategy and brawn and be the best leader of them all!
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